Get The Best EMDR Counsellor In Vancouver For Dealing With Traumatic Experiences

Jun 29, 2022

We all carry pain and emotional baggage from the past. Don’t spend a lifetime trying to deal with trauma. Get help today with Total Immersion EMDR from Grigore Counselling (778-883-4819). Call now and take the first step towards recovery.

Get The Best EMDR Counsellor In Vancouver For Dealing With Traumatic Experiences

Are you suffering from PTSD? If you’ve tried traditional forms of psychotherapy but nothing has worked, why not try Total Immersion EMDR with Grigore Counselling!

Grigore Counselling offers you accelerated mental health therapy through innovative and proven techniques. EMDR offers a faster way to recover from emotional trauma.

Process your painful past with a Total Immersion EMDR weekend. Grigore Counselling can help you move forward in life. Book your consultation now. More details at

EMDR can help you unlock and process experiences from your past using a combination of structured side-to-side eye movements and talking therapy. Grigore Counselling offers you a way to deal with the negative emotions, images, physical sensations, and beliefs that accompany your traumatic memories.

EMDR was developed by Francine Shapiro in 1987. She combined eye movement tests with cognitive techniques in a series of case studies, culminating in the release of her seminal paper in 1989. Shapiro suggested that an average of five sessions of EMDR could comprehensively treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Grigore Counselling’s EMDR services center around an eight-phase treatment plan. This includes an initial session focusing on your history and a rapid eye movement section in which you concentrate on a distressing memory and identify the negative self-belief that is associated with this event.

The treatment entails working through each emotion and sensation relating to the traumatic experience while engaging both sides of your brain via movements of the eye or tapping each side of the body in alternating fashion (called bilateral stimulation), processing the trauma as a result. The process is repeated until the memory is no longer disturbing. The negative belief is then replaced with a new positive one, embedded using the same method of side-to-side eye movements or tapping.

About Grigore Counselling

Led by acclaimed therapist Robert Grigore MCP, the company helps clients with a range of mental health disorders including PTSD, addiction, phobias, anxiety, depression, OCD, grief, eating disorders, panic attacks, and relationship problems. Robert is the originator of Total Immersion EMDR, offering places on his weekend immersion program for accelerated processing of deep-seated traumas and psychological issues.

A satisfied client says, “After I left his office, I actually felt a physical change in my cells. For the first time in my life, things that had always bothered me just didn’t matter anymore. Robert is a very gifted therapist.”

Grigore Counselling continues to set a new standard for PTSD treatment.

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Deal with your demons and discover a new you with EMDR from Grigore Counselling.

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