Get The Best Elegant Concrete Edging For Your Lawn in Greensburg, IN

Jun 28, 2022

Looking for the best decorative concrete curbing to beautify your garden bed or lawn in Greensburg? Check out the variety of curb styles at Elite Curb (317-300-4140) to get stunning curb appeal that will make your house stand out from the rest!

Get The Best Elegant Concrete Edging For Your Lawn in Greensburg, IN

Tired of cleaning your lawn edges 24/7? Want to make it beautiful … without the hard work? Want to retire from the lawn edge police academy before the year 3000?

Well, look no further! The lawn edge super-hero is here!

Curb Elite’s services are recommended if you would like to add elegant edging around your flower beds and enhance your property’s curb appeal as well.

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Now you can collaborate with an expert concrete curb installer for a quick, efficient curbing installation that will result in saving you hours of work previously used to keep your garden bed edges trimmed and weed-free.

What kind of curb styles does Elite Curb offer?

Rated as Indiana’s no 1 curbing installer, Elite Curb has been specializing in durable concrete curbing for more than 19 years and can make your home’s landscape borders look neat, tidy, and beautiful. They use four types of curb styles including the decorative mower edge, 6×6 curb style, angle curb (slant style), and the 6×4 curb style.

They also offer coloring and unique stamping to further enhance the look of your garden bed or lawn. Elite Curb’s affordable, high-quality curbing solutions allow for a variety of different designs including straight and curved lines, contours, and turns.

What are the advantages of using a customized concrete lawn curbing solution?

The advantage of using a customized landscape edging solution is that you can clean up your lawn with a trimmer or edger and not damage the edge. Additionally, a lawnmower’s wheels can also easily maneuver around the curb.

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About Elite Curb

Elite Curb is a family-owned business and was founded in 2009 in Columbus, IN. Serving most of Central and Southern Indiana, they offer free estimates with the goal of delivering a personal touch and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

A satisfied customer said, “My husband and I were elated with the professionalism of Heath, Dallas, and Phil from the beginning of the process to the end! We appreciated their suggestions on color, design, and helping us decide on what needed to be edged! We absolutely love our yard more than ever now, and so does everyone else. We get so many compliments from everyone that walks by. We would highly recommend Elite Curb. We are very happy, satisfied customers!”

Curb Elite is the trusted landscaping company you can always rely on – reach out to them at (317-300-4140) to find out how they can help you!

Go to for the expert curbing solutions you need!

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