Get The Best El Paso Fine Art Custom Photo Albums For Photographers’ Brand Value

Sep 12, 2022

Working high-profile events like weddings is always stressful and you’re liable to get yelled at by at least one loose Canon! But when tempers cool, you want to deliver the best package possible to your customer, so call Serendipity Albums (713-568-6976)!

Get The Best El Paso Fine Art Custom Photo Albums For Photographers' Brand Value

Events are memorialized in words and images - and oh, so many images! Have you ever tried counting the number of photos taken of your friend's baby - on one phone, in one week?! So professional photographers nowadays have armies of amateur competitors and the best way to highlight your value is simple: the art of presentation. You want the best photos in the best possible package to really wow your customers.

Serendipity Albums, which handcrafts its albums in Sugar Land, using the best materials available from around the world, now provides you, as a professional photographer, with various album options you can offer your clients.

Check them out at Serendipity Albums - Photo Albums for Pro Photographers

The company now offers options such as French velvet, keepsake, and full-grain Italian leather custom handcrafted album covers. Also available are matted folio display prints and image folio boxes that can be customized to match your color and brand.

The North American photo printing market is expected to grow at between 6% - 8% annually through the end of the decade. One recent study showed that most consumers - across all age groups - still print photos, even while they also view and share these photos electronically. The popularity of print photography is especially high for events such as weddings and commemorative occasions, where standout selections of individual photos and small presentations are prized. One rising trend reported among wedding clients, for example, is custom boxes - or albums - which feature only the best-handpicked shots, while the remainder can be delivered as digital copies.

Serendipity Albums’ signature Italian leather heirloom albums are treated with several coats of oils and waxes to render an antiqued leather appearance. Moreover, its covers are shielded by a high-performance protective coating that will ensure a great-looking album for many years in the future. With Italian-made heavy-weight pages, it is available in a range of sizes and spreads and comes in 3 types of genuine leather and many color choices.

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Additionally, the fabric heirloom album comes in velvet, linen, and Japanese fabric with many color choices. These albums offer an opulent look that works well for exhibiting photos from boudoir photoshoots, weddings, and newborns. The company’s albums are customizable and the leather albums are available in either a distressed or deluxe finish.

Since these photo albums are offered only to photographers, you can set your own prices when selling them to your end customers. Serendipity's albums are intended to raise your perceived value and reputation by helping you to better brand yourself as a high-end, boutique studio.

One customer commented: “My goal as a photographer was to find a company that has a keen eye for detail and offers only the highest quality products. Serendipity has far exceeded my expectations and I am proud to display my images on their products. The albums are absolutely stunning and the customer service is top of the line! Thank you Serendipity, you have a client for life.”

One thing the pandemic probably taught you is that even weddings aren't always such a sure thing! That's another reason to consider feathering your nest a little while building your brand for the long term: you need to be prepared for hiccups!

So call 713-568-6976 or go to and see for yourself what kind of magic you can now bring to the party!

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