Get The Best Edinburgh ASHP Service For Energy-Efficient Heating Solutions

Jul 12, 2022

Some people call it thermodynamics. Some people call it magic. Who really knows?! You decide! Call Smart Gas Solutions (0131-629-3132) in Edinburgh, Scotland if you want to save money in the long haul. Or save the planet. Again – up to you!

Get The Best Edinburgh ASHP Service For Energy-Efficient Heating Solutions

One of the things you need to watch out for in these times of green-exuberance is scam ideas from scam companies, selling you broken windmills. But in this case, the idea is good and the company is great - so you're in good hands!

Smart Gas Solutions, one of Scotland's leading plumbing and heating companies, now offers air source heat pumps for residential and commercial properties in response to rising consumer and regulatory demand for more eco-friendly solutions to the heating and cooling of homes.

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The company, Gas Safe registered and an Edinburgh Trusted Trader, now provides comprehensive property assessment and installation services for consumers looking for more long-term, cost-effective heating solutions. An inspection allows the company’s engineers to determine your home’s heating requirements - including its proposed distribution - and review the layout, existing equipment, ductwork, and any factors that might impact the heat pump system's setup and configuration.

This ensures that the ASHP system recommended is the most appropriate one for your needs.

The heat pump market is growing annually between 8-10%, and over 80% of that market is the air source segment. The industry’s growth is fuelled by increased demand for energy-efficient and cost-effective space heating and cooling applications - low maintenance requirements combined with a limited carbon footprint make it an attractive alternative for homeowners and businesses alike.

The UK government’s plan is to phase out fossil fuel boilers by the end of the decade - and to that end, they announced a Boiler Upgrade Scheme in late 2021 to assist householders who switch from gas boilers to heat pumps - either air or ground source.

Smart Gas Solutions will install the ASHP system, after inspection and consultation with you, by creating access points inside the home and fixing the heat pump unit outside. The wiring configurations and the number of cylinders required will vary - air-to-water versus air-to-air systems - but the system will function best when located in open areas of your garden or outside spaces.

Heat pumps can extract heat from air temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius, providing heating and hot water all year round. As latent heat from the air is taken from outside and then compressed, the water contained within your water tank will heat up over time and be ready when needed.

Smart Gas Solutions recommends that you consider installing these types of systems when you are already in the process of renovating so that installation costs can be kept lower.

One customer commented: "Smart Gas replaced my whole boiler and hot water system. The team that did the work were brilliant and managed to get everything done in a day. They left the place cleaner than when they arrived. Highly recommend to anyone."

They have almost 100 reviews all attesting to the team's professionalism and responsiveness. So don't be shy.

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