Get The Best Boiler Repairs & Maintenance With Smart Gas, Edinburgh Heating Pros

May 7, 2022

Looking for boiler breakdown cover in Edinburgh? Smart Gas Solutions (0131-629-3132), bring you affordable care plans to avoid unexpected repair costs and ensure home CO2 safety.

Get The Best Boiler Repairs & Maintenance With Smart Gas, Edinburgh Heating Pros

Boiler breakdowns are a nightmare. You don’t think it will happen to you but if it does, it goes something like this: You start in freezing cold weather with no heating or hot water, often followed by a long wait for help (which might induce a family feud or divorce). It ends with eye-watering bills for callout fees, repairs, or even a dreaded replacement.

Unserviced boilers tend to be the most likely to break down and need expensive repairs. Importantly, faulty boilers can emit poisonous CO2 gas which causes serious health problems and can be fatal.

The gas and heating experts at Smart Gas Solutions offer comprehensive and affordable boiler care plans for homeowners and landlords.

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The plans protect you against the cost of labour and parts for boiler breakdowns. They also give you access to a 24/7 emergency helpline, unlimited callouts, and an annual professional boiler service in Edinburgh and the Central Belt.

Yearly servicing is essential to keeping your boiler running smoothly and an engineer can identify any safety issues such as a carbon monoxide leak. According to the NHS, there are around 60 deaths from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK every year.

Servicing provided by Smart Gas Solutions covers boiler inspection, safe firing checks, a flue gas analysis efficiency test, and checks to ensure that your fuel and ventilation are in accordance with gas safety regulations. Also included are system pressure checks and adjustments, condensate trap cleaning, hot water checks, boiler burner cleaning and visual checks, and radiator bleeding if necessary.

Engineers ensure that your boiler is burning at the correct gas rate which improves efficiency and helps to reduce the cost of fuel bills. In the event of your boiler needing to be replaced, the company offers a wide variety of finance options.

Smart Gas Solutions are endorsed by Trusted Traders and only use their own in-house engineers. The company provides boiler installation and repairs and a wide range of central heating, and plumbing services. Contact them today for a free quote!

A satisfied customer said: “Smart Gas Solutions are very professional. All their work was done perfectly with no hassle. The operative was smart, communicative, and efficient. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Smart Gas Solutions are the experienced engineers you can trust. Call them today at (0131-629-3132), for the boiler cover you need to keep your home running safely and smoothly for the whole family.

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