Get The Best Eco Unscented Vegan Sun Stick With Candelilla Wax In Kirkland, WA

Jul 19, 2021

Get your groceries from a store that reflects your own environmental values. Make a difference to the planet with zero waste products from Scoop Marketplace (+1-206-339-1383).

If you’re tired of pointless packaging on products you buy from retail giants and want to make a real difference to the planet’s health, visit Scoop Marketplace in-store or online today!

The company is a zero-waste grocery store and online retailer based in Kirkland, WA, and they’ve just launched an updated range of eco-friendly, sustainable products with recyclable packaging. The launch includes the unscented, vegan sun-stick from the Apothecary Muse range.

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The newly updated store provides you with a range of goods designed to help protect the planet while offering high-end personal care products, organic foods, and household accessories at affordable rates.

Scoop Marketplace partners with like-minded manufacturers and suppliers to bring you environmentally-friendly, sustainably sourced and packaged items.

The newly launched unscented, vegan sun-stick is one such product, providing you with gentle, nourishing protection against harsh solar rays. The stick can be used on your face and its travel-friendly push-up design makes it easy to use on the move. It contains non-nano particle zinc which prevents clogging of your pores, allowing you to perspire normally.

Scoop Marketplace’s updated range also includes a selection of gluten-free food products. These include oat flour, rolled oats, brown rice, pasta, and quinoa.

The store’s expanded personal care line also features the Booda Purely Naked Eco Balm. This moisturizer comes in a compostable tube and contains certified organic ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, and Candelilla wax.

Scoop Marketplace was founded by Stephanie Lentz, a committed environmentalist, and the company opened its first store in central Seattle in 2019. The store moved to larger premises in Juanita Village in Kirkland, WA in January 2021, expanding their mail-order and e-commerce services at the same time.

A spokesperson says, “Our mission is to normalize zero-waste grocery shopping, by teaching people how to improve the quality of their lives as they learn to walk more gently on the planet.”

With the launch of their updated range of sustainable personal care and organic food products, Scoop Marketplace continues to set the standard for eco-friendly retail that helps you protect the planet.

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If you want certified organic foods and skincare products that treat the environment with respect, visit Scoop Marketplace today!

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