Get The Best Durable Stainless Steel Cooking Kit At This Survival Gear Store

Aug 5, 2022

Looking for top-quality survival gear to complete your go bag? Visit My Patriot Supply for the most affordable and durable cooking and camping kits on the market!

Get The Best Durable Stainless Steel Cooking Kit At This Survival Gear Store

People are speculating about the end of the world like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, there might not be… unless we start preparing for the next global crisis with My Patriot Supply’s latest emergency survival kits!

The online store offers top-of-the-range equipment sets designed to help you weather the storm. With a brand new cooking kit, a heated showering device, and much more, this is your one-stop shop for becoming self-sufficient and kitting out your future base camp.

Go to to check it out!

Recent global conflicts and the ensuing stock, fuel, and transportation shortages have revealed just how precarious our food and energy industries are. In light of this, disaster preparedness and food independence have never been more important.

My Patriot Supply’s products aim to give you some peace of mind in the face of global-scale threats such as natural disasters and economic collapse. The expanded range features animal deterrents, solar generators, tools, and water filtration devices, to prepare you for all eventualities.

A highlight of the release is a Stainless Steel Mess Cooking Kit, by Ready Hour. This is a lightweight, 5-piece set featuring a pan, cooking pot, mug, scrubber, and protective nylon bag. The items stack together with pull-out handles, ideal for carrying in your bug-out bag.

This is the perfect set for you to purchase in addition to one of the store’s emergency survival food kits. These meal bundles pack a punch with 2,000 calories a day and a shelf life of 25 years!

My Patriot Supply is committed to exceeding industry quality and safety standards with all of its products so that you and your loved ones have the best possible chance of riding out whatever disasters 2023 has in store for the USA.

Whether you are a seasoned survivalist or just kitting out your first go bag, this family-owned website has all the supplies you need.

A spokesperson for the store said “We not only understand the drive to practice emergency preparedness, we are active participants in the survivalist lifestyle. Since our first day, we’ve been on a quest to help millions of families prepare to be self-reliant, no matter what the future holds.”

Act today to secure your tomorrow with My Patriot Supply!

If you’d like expert advice on disaster preparedness, visit and the above mentioned website.

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