Get The Best Double Handle Dog Leash For Extra Training & Walking Control

Mar 27, 2017

Leashboss, a professional company dog training equipment producer, launched a two handle padded dog leash for medium and large dogs. You can now have full control of your dog, and the padded handles are so comfortable you’ll love training, walking, or running along with your favorite pet!

Leashboss, a company specializing in dog training equipment, launched Leashboss 3X, a new six foot dog leash with two additional padded handles, specially designed for medium to large dogs.

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Dog training is necessary for a good pet-owner relationship, as untrained dogs many times fail to show appropriate behavior in a variety of situations. It is not uncommon for untrained dogs to resist leash walking, tangle the leash around objects, or pull hard and attempt to run off in all directions.

Leash training is therefore important, and a versatile leash for training purposes can speed up the dog training process. Rigid leashes that cannot be easily adjusted for length may unnecessarily prolong the training process, therefore choosing the right leash is essential.

Leashboss launched a new leash equipped with two additional handles for increased control, designed to allow both long, medium and short walking distances.

The six foot long dog leash features two additional handles, the first allowing for a 12" walking distance, and the second for 18". These allow for close control, ideal for situations such as crossing the road or moving near busy traffic.

The handles are padded with soft neoprene, thereby reducing any hand stress resulting from prolonged use. With heavy dogs in particular, pulling pressure can be particularly painful with non-padded leashes. The soft neoprene padding is designed to be both durable and comfortable, allowing for extended walking or training sessions.

Since it was designed for medium to large dogs, the materials used for this double handle dog leash were tested for increased durability and endurance. The clips are particularly heavy-duty, in an effort to provide a durable leash that can withstand constant pulling from heavy dogs.

Leashboss offers a 5-years guarantee on the new Leashboss 3X.

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