Get The Best Dog & Cat Milk Thistle Liver Supplements At Vet-Approved UK Store

Aug 3, 2022

Do you often hear yourself saying, “I think there’s something wrong with him” – not about your husband but your dog?! Dogs and cats are prone to diseases but depend on you, remember! So call JP Holistic Nutrition (079-6179-0249) today.

Get The Best Dog & Cat Milk Thistle Liver Supplements At Vet-Approved UK Store

You want your dog or cat to be joyful and curious every day - and when that is suddenly not the case, you start to wonder why of course. Liver disease is one of the possible - and common - culprits.

JP Holistic Nutrition, led by a veterinarian and animal behaviourist, has introduced its own formulation of vet-approved liver supplements for dogs and cats. Milk thistle, long-recognized by the medical community as an effective liver supplement for people suffering from liver disorders, has recently been confirmed - in one study - to offer similar benefits to dogs and without any adverse side effects.

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The company, a nutraceutical e-shop for both pets and their human companions (yes, you too can join in the fun!), now offers these Holistic Liver supplements for cats and dogs in a sprinkle capsule or a liver and bacon flavoured liquid - to better ensure pets’ compliance. Milk thistle contains silymarin - an active bioflavonoid with well-documented hepatoprotective properties.

One UK study concluded that 12% of dogs have hepatopathy - or chronic liver disease. Some breeds, in particular, are predisposed to this condition, including several types of terrier, labrador retrievers, Doberman pinschers, and springer spaniels, among others. All dogs’ liver functions can be compromised by processed foods, environmental toxins, and common chemical cleaners. While early detection is critical for managing or reversing the condition, many of the signs - lethargy, weight loss, loss of appetite - are often mistaken for natural ageing or an unrelated problem.

JP Holistic Nutrition, whose regular blog provides information and guidance for all of you pet owners, points out that when the liver is damaged by drugs, bacteria, or toxins, the body’s liver markers see a dramatic decrease when milk thistle treatment is administered. The team believes that tailoring a diet to dogs with hepatopathy is one of the most effective ways to give them the health and energy they need to recover.

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Dogs suffering from liver disease are often prescribed low-protein, high-fat diets with Omega 3 fish oil fats, another supplement available on the company’s website. Additionally, JP Holistic Nutrition offers a wide range of whole nutraceuticals for the treatment of bones, joints, anxiety, and cognitive functioning for example. Supplementary nutrition is available for dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, llamas, and farm animals.

One customer commented: “I have an old Westie that has been diagnosed with liver failure so I spoke to Paul and we commenced Lottie on liver supplements and within four days she became less lethargic and even started to eat again. This morning she even went out with the puppy and was bouncing around and she had now put on some weight which is amazing. Thank you, Paul and Justine.”

Customers rave about Dr Paul Boland and Justine Shone, so if you have concerns about your pet's health, give them a call on 079-6179-0249.

Go to and you can teach yourself more about how to manage signs of illness in your pet - and how to prevent or manage any serious conditions in the first place.

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