Get The Best Dent Repair Service For Your Vehicle With This Pittsburgh PA Firm

Jan 5, 2021

Looking for a fast and affordable dent repair service? Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dent Repair Now has launched its updated dent repair service. The company offers fast paintless dent removal and affordable prices.

Looking for a fast and affordable dent repair service? If you answered ‘yes’, then this company is for you!

Dent Repair Now has launched its updated dent repair service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company fixes dents and dings in vehicles with a faster turnaround time than typical auto shops.

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The newly launched updated service specializes in fast repairs of vehicles with dents. Dent Repair Now can often fix cosmetic blemishes in less than one day and offers affordable prices. The company restores your vehicle after a dent or ding so that it has no loss to its trade in or resale value. Dent Repair Now fixes dents and dings in all types of vehicles.

Dent Repair Now’s skilled and certified technicians are capable of repairs for all kinds of dents. Its experienced staff can handle hail damage, small collisions, motorcycle tanks, door dings, shopping cart dents, creases, and plastic bumpers.

Dent Repair Now provides paintless dent repairs, which can be used on both aluminum and steel panels. If the paint inside the dented region is not broken or scratched and the depth of the dent is not too deep, then paintless dent removal has a number of advantages over taking your vehicle to an auto shop. Since paintless dent removal is much quicker, labor costs are passed on to you. Similarly, savings on body filler, auto paint, and primer are another reason why paintless dent repair offers major savings.

Value retention is another good reason for choosing paintless dent removal from Dent Repair Now. The company’s staff do not alter the original factory finish in the repairs and there are also no worries about paint color differences or over spraying. As well, without needing the use of body filler or repainting of damaged areas, paintless dent removal helps maintain your vehicle’s value.

Dent Repair Now offers you free estimates and has more than 20 years of experience in the business. The company serves southwestern Pennsylvania and the surrounding Tri-State region.

You can get more information about Dent Repair Now by visiting the website listed above or by calling 724-554-1756.

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