Get The Best Customized Three-Berth Insulated Campervans in Beverley Park, NSW

May 16, 2021

Looking for the best custom-built, insulated, three-berth motorhomes in Beverley Park? Visit Japanese Auto Imports today for a spacious, comfortable campervan!

See Australia’s natural beauty with all the comforts of home – visit the campervan experts at Japanese Auto Imports and you can get a great deal on a customized, insulated motorhome with up to three or even six berths today!

Japanese Auto Imports, a high-quality dealer in vehicles from Japan, launched a new range of custom-built campervans in Sydney NSW. The dealership offers campervans outfitted with two, three and four berths as well as insulation from high and low temperatures.

More details can be found at

The newly launched range offers customers an increased option for 4wd campers or motorhomes.

Travelling in a campervan, or “motorhome,” has grown steadily in recent years. Industry groups report that 13.9 million Australians spent 58.7 million nights camping around Australia in 2019 and the industry has grown in the past 12 months.

Japanese Auto Imports offers high-quality 4wd and 2wd vans with brand new conversions at competitive rates, with flexible financing options available. The newest range of motorhomes listed below.

Ford TRANSIT 350E Jumbo 4-seat 4-sleep camper van

Ford TRANSIT 350E Jumbo 2-sleep camper van

Nissan Civilian 6ST 6SLP

2005 Nissan Civilian 4St 4 Slp Frdg

The dealership specialises in customising new and secondhand motorhomes/campervans with insulation, solar power, stovetops and external power options as well as gas heating and cooking. Insulation reduces how quickly heat is transferred into and/or out of the campervan, making it easier to keep a consistent target temperature to have a comfortable nights sleep.

Travelling in a campervan offers nomads and young nomads all the comforts of home, such as a refrigerator, limited running water, and a gas-powered stove, plus more space than a standard tent.

A campervan with three berths can comfortably accommodate up to two adults and one child, making it a cost-effective way to take a multi-day trip as a family.

With this latest launch, Japanese Auto Imports continues to offer customers around Australia a competitive selection of campervans that can be delivered Australia wide.

One satisfied customer: “I ran into a bit of an issue with the otherwise very well sorted car, and Japanese Auto Imports, instead of just brushing me off like so many others would do, took the reins and promptly sorted everything out. These guys really do care about their customers, and I would happily drive all the way from Melbourne to buy another car from them again.”

Japanese Auto Imports are the campervan customisation experts you need, visit them today!

Ready to embark on your camping adventure? Find out more about Japanese Auto Imports and their NSW selection of quality customised campervans at

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