Get The Best Customised Men’s Cotton Twill Trousers & Shirts, Made In England

Jul 19, 2022

Why – and how – did you want to ‘secretly’ buy some new trousers without telling your girlfriend?! Don’t you think chinos? It’s hardly a source of shame – white tailored chinos and a shaken martini?! Call Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (+44 1842 819464).

Get The Best Customised Men's Cotton Twill Trousers & Shirts, Made In England

Let’s put some style-contrarians in their place from the outset: James Bond wears chinos. Yes, of course, he does! Fine, forget The Living Daylights – most people did – but they also appear, naturally, in both Casino Royale and Skyfall. Enough said!

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – WISC – now features luxury men’s white chinos cut and made to order at the company’s Sussex factory. The twill fabric – sourced from Brisbane Moss – is 97% cotton, mixed with elastane for added comfort.

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The online shop, founded in 2009, now offers its chinos in ten colours and three fits: slim, medium, and classic. The designer/retailer provides a degree of customisation typically only available by appointment at a London tailor. These handcrafted, “everyday luxury” trousers include a YKK zip and authentic brown buffalo horn buttons.

Rakish, yet debonair enough for you?!

A legacy of the Spanish-American war and the Americans’ occupation of the Philippines, chino pants are usually lightweight, cotton blended pants that come in a wide array of colours and are woven in a twill weave. Featuring lighter fabrics and a more tailored cut than its cousin khakis, chinos went in and out of style over the decades but are now considered by many to be the ‘go-to’ business/casual pants, extremely versatile and suitable for both formal and informal occasions. Moreover, chinos are prized for their durability; structurally strong, they also resist shrinkage and can last in good condition for many years.

WISC’s made-made-to-measure cotton twill chinos come in navy, black, white, red, tobacco, brown, lovat, beige, stone, and grey. To ensure the perfect fit, the shop allows you a wide selection of waist options, inside leg measurements and three different builds – slim, medium, and classic leg. The online retailer, known for its shirtmaking, also offers a luxury range of jeans, moleskin and corduroy trousers, boxer shorts, and waxed field jackets.

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing is one of the few remaining British Shirt makers that still manufactures all its tailored shirts outside London. Their shirting fabrics, all made from 100% Egyptian or US Pima cotton, come in a variety of styles, including poplins, oxfords, and twills. Their newest collections are the first to incorporate brown corozo buttons made by British button manufacturer Courtney & Co. that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

One customer commented: “Great chinos: as usual the clothing from this company is quality through and through. They were happy to play with the sizes to get the fit I wanted and the result is excellent. They wash and iron well and continue to look smart. WISC is my ‘go-to place’ for my clothes.”

If you’re finally ready to shrug out of your collection of pandemic jogging pants, you may as well re-enter civilized society with some understated panache!

Go to and find your happy place again!

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