Get The Best Automated CRM App For Android & IOS With Data Tracking & Analytics

Mar 11, 2023

Deliver better products and services to your customers with a CRM app that lets you decide how much to spend on sales and aftersales. Enjoy analytics to help your small business turn into a bigger one with the Bigly App!

Get The Best Automated CRM App For Android & IOS With Data Tracking & Analytics

If you've been paying huge fees for CRM from big players like HubSpot and Salesforce, STOP! - there's a new kid in town. Build your business and keep your customers happy with Bigly - the world's first usage-based customer relationship app!

Bigly Sales, Inc. has just updated its proprietary app's features and functions, arming you with a suite of tools to monitor and measure customer engagement. Bigly offers a unique solution in the world of CRM software with its pricing model - a pay-as-you-go alternative to the hefty retainer fees charged by the big brands.

Track performance from anywhere in the world and enjoy all your favorite features without a huge price tag. Nothing beats Bigly - CRM for the next generation. More details at

You only pay for the services you need as and when you need them, reducing unnecessary overhead costs. Bigly provides you with a state-of-the-software solution that's flexible enough to meet your needs and your budget limitations.

Data published by 99firms suggests that the intelligent software used by modern CRM systems is more widely accepted by millennials than by previous generations. This points to a bright future for CRM, reflected in forecasts from Future Market Insights which suggest that the mobile CRM market is likely to grow by 13% year-on-year until at least 2029.

Bigly has positioned itself as a key player in this growing movement toward versatile, flexible, and user-directed CRM services. App features include a sleek, streamlined dashboard that gathers together all your emails, texts, and voice call communications into one centralized location. This is augmented by data tracking and analytics features that help your sales teams stay on top of orders and customer requests.

The app automates all of its CRM processes, leaving you free to concentrate on the bigger picture of running a business. Call transcripts are also easily generated so you can assess agent performance. As a result, Bigly helps to increase efficiency and productivity while ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Bigly doesn't charge for the CRM. Instead, you only pay for the telecoms costs with rates starting as low as $0.005 per email, $0.01 per text, and $0.03 per minute for voice calls. The email software comes with full client segmentation and lead-importing features. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems and integrates seamlessly with your smartphone, desktop, or tablet device.

A spokesperson says, “Bigly can be set by anyone in seconds. It was designed for salespeople and business owners, not engineers. The other text and call services charge you for your contacts not for what you use. We offer simple pricing with no setup fees.”

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If your CRM is costly and the admin's just too fiddly, do yourself a favor and put your faith in Bigly!

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