Get The Best Asphalt Roof Repair Service For Your Albuquerque Home

May 31, 2020

Are you looking for fast, reliable roof repair in Albuquerque? Get in touch with Roof Saver ABQ today! The unique service of the ABQ Roofmaxx Dealers brings your roof back to good condition in 72 hours.

If you want to get the best roof repair service in Albuquerque, you can rely on the team at Roof Saver ABQ. They promote the cutting-edge Roofmaxx treatments, which can bring your roof back to great condition!

A new roof repair service has been launched by Roof Saver ABQ. The roofing experts offer their customers in Albuquerque, New Mexico the latest Roofmaxx technology.

Roof Saver ABQ is a roofing repair company serving Albuquerque and the surrounding area. They teamed up with certified Roofmaxx dealers of Albuqurque, New Mexico, Richard and Wendy Anderson. Offering you the latest eco-friendly solution for asphalt shingle roofs, Wendy explains that instead of replacing your roof, the solution can re-hydrate your roof, saving home owners time and money.

Roof Saver ABQ explains that Roofmaxx technology can add an additional 5-15 years to the life of an existing roof, making it an affordable alternative to replacing an entire roof. Roofmaxx technology is ideal for both commercial and residential properties.

The site states that as a roof ages the petrochemical oils dry out due to daily expansion and contraction. Asphalt shingles lose their granules due to the changing weather and the shingles can become brittle. All of these issues can lead to leaking roofs.

Roofmaxx is a cutting-edge formula that is natural and 100% safe for people, pets, buildings and the environment. It uses Soy Fusion technology to infuse aged roof shingles with millions of soy methyle ester micro-beads, restoring flexibility to a roof within 72 hours.

Roofmaxx of ABQ Dealers deliver their roof repair service in three easy steps. First, they carry out a free detailed inspection of a customers’ roof to determine if they are an ideal candidate for the technology. All concerns found will be photographed and shared with the owners during their consultation to discuss repair options available.

Next, the company will carry out roof maintenance, focusing on leak-prone areas such as the flashings. This will ensure that the roof will be ready for the treatment.

The final step is the application of the RoofMaxx treatment. The application is quick and safe, taking less than two hours to fully apply. Within 72 hours the roof’s flexibility and waterproof protection will have returned.

Those wishing to find out more about Roof Saver ABQ and their Roofmaxx repair service get in touch with Wendy at

505-859-7211 Call Now For Free Roof Inspection!!

Visit for more information.

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