Extend The Life Of Your Asphalt Roof With Roof Saver ABQ’s Roof Maxx

Apr 8, 2020

Rejuvenate your asphalt roof shingles with Roof Maxx, a green oil-based roofing treatment spray that adds years to your roof. Roof Saver ABQ offers Roof Maxx at a third of the cost of full roof replacement.

Is your asphalt roof aging faster than usual under New Mexico’s harsh summer sun? Are you looking for an alternative to an expensive roof replacement? Roof Saver ABQ now offers eco-friendly Roof Maxx treatments that add up to 15 years to the life of your roof.

The Albuquerque, NM roof protection company has introduced Roof Maxx as a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement. Roof Maxx is a plant-based roof rejuvenation spray that carries a 5-year warranty and can be reapplied multiple times.

New Mexico’s hot summers and cold winters take their toll on asphalt roofing. Asphalt shingles have an average life of 8 years, after which they begin to dry out. As shingles lose their granules, they become brittle and tend to develop cracks, leading to leaks. 

Roof Saver ABQ offers Roof Maxx treatments to rejuvenate aging shingles by spraying them with soybean methyl ester micro-granules. Soy methyl ester is all-natural, non-toxic, pet-safe, and child-safe, restoring flexibility and water resistance to asphalt roofs within 72 hours of application. Roof Maxx improves hail resistance and fire resistance of all types of shingles.

Roof Maxx restores the color, texture, and flexibility to your home roof, adding value and aesthetic appeal to the property.

Skilled Albuquerque, NM Roof Maxx technicians perform a thorough inspection of your home roof to check compatibility, fix all flashing and potential leak points, and apply Roof Maxx treatments. The treatment takes about one and a half hours to apply and costs 66 percent less than a roof replacement.

According to a spokesperson for the roof protection company in Albuquerque, NM, “We are excited to introduce Roof Maxx as an environmentally responsible alternative to costly roof replacement. We look forward to being the go-to roof rejuvenation providers in Alberquerque.”

Roof Saver ABQ is proud to announce specialized Roof Maxx dealership and roof protection company headed by Richard and Wendy Anderson. The company offers Roof Maxx treatments for single-family and multi-family homes as well as commercial buildings with asphalt shingle roofs.

Roof Saver ABQ can transform a dull, worn-out roof into a fully waterproofed near-new roof. For more information about Roof Maxx treatment in Alberquerque, NM and to schedule an inspection, call 505-859-7211 or visit https://roofsaverabq.com/home

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