Get The Best Apple Valley, CA Solar Panel Installation To Save On Electric Bills

Sep 30, 2021

Looking for the best way to reduce the cost of your electric bill in your Apple Valley, CA, home? Read Option One Solar’s report to learn how switching to solar can offer you tremendous savings and a greater ROI!

The cost of electricity in the area is already high enough as is - don't pay more than you need to!

The company’s new reports offer invaluable data which explain that switching to solar would eliminate your continuous utility rate increases. The SCE (Southern California Edison), an investor-owned utility company, charges over 45% more than the national average for electricity costs with prices presently continuing to rise.

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Option One Solar informs that an adequate solar system can take care of all of your home’s electrical needs, get rid of your electric bills, and offer you a greater ROI in the long run.

Investor-owned utility companies file for rate increases every four years, and in 2020, the SCE’s request for higher rates was approved and established in 2021. Their residential customers have experienced an average monthly bill increase of $14 in 2021. Customers can expect their bills to increase an additional $4 in 2022 and $6 in 2023.

These never-ending rate increases can be avoided by going solar. Solar-powered homes can be up to 10 times more cost-efficient with savings growing every time utility rates rise. If you invest in a solar-powered home, you can expect to save an average of $55,000 over 20 years. You can find additional details at

Option One Solar is currently offering free services to help Apple Valley residents acquire high-quality solar panel installations. If interested, you can get a complimentary quote by filling out the request form located on their website.

The company is family-owned and operated and has been voted the Best Solar Company for 5 consecutive years. Their team is licensed as both solar panel installers and general electrical contractors that can provide services for any electrical issues in your home. They also offer a 25-year warranty on parts, performance, and labor.

A satisfied client said: “They were incredibly helpful every step of the process and were flexible enough to accommodate me when I needed to make changes to the location of our ground-mount array, the configuration, and switching between financing options in the middle of the project. Really great, professional people and company.”

Option One Solar are the Apple Valley, CA, solar experts you can rely on - visit their website today to discover how switching to solar can offer you more savings than you ever thought possible!

Ready to say good-bye to utility rate increases once and for all? Click on for the information you need!

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