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Jul 18, 2023

Want to integrate your email, SMS, MMS, and VoIP in one app? For mobile and desktop CRM that lets you decide how much you’re spending, choose Bigly!

Are you looking for a better phone service solution for your small business? If you want VoIP that gives you flexibility and cost-efficiency and unlimited calls and contacts, check out the Bigly app!

This popular customer engagement platform gives you a unique use-based pricing model. Now you can make more of internet-based voice calls as a tool for your customer relationship management (CRM). With no limits placed on the number of monthly call minutes or the number of contacts held in the database, Bigly helps you engage with new and existing clients.

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Find out for yourself why Bigly is emerging as a viable and powerful alternative to established platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce. Whereas those companies charge large retainer fees and effectively penalize you by charging per-contact, the Bigly App's unlimited call features and telecoms-only billing system makes it easier for startups and sole traders to keep marketing spending at a manageable level.

According to Startupanz, VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) can reduce startup costs by as much as 90% while at least 50% of businesses still consider phones to be their primary communication tools. By combining the speed and reliability of broadband with the personal connection that traditional voice calls bring to customer relationships and sales team communications, VoIP is set to be a mainstay of business practice for a long time to come.

With just one click, you can connect with contacts across the globe. The CRM app itself is free to download and billing is purely for call charges. These start from just $0.03 per minute for calls to the US and Canada. You also get a US number - again without charge - with any telecoms purchase. There are no limits on client segmentation with easy sorting and filtering of your contact lists by tags, titles, and locations.

A Power Dialing feature allows you to upload one million contacts at once, helping you reach three to five times as many contacts daily. Data tracking and reporting alongside a call transcription feature makes it easy for you to gather actionable data and improve efficiency.

The VoIP provision is combined with email, SMS, and MMS in a unified inbox - an intuitive interface that makes CRM swift and simple to manage.

A spokesperson says, “Join more than 78,000 happy Bigly users in over 150 countries. Get a report of each campaign performance with visibility on every reply.”

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Stay connected while saving money with Bigly's CRM app. Download it for your business today!

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