Get The Best Anti-Aging Gua Sha Facial Treatment At Seattle’s Most Luxurious Spa

Dec 8, 2022

Enhance the look of your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines with the advanced and ancient Chinese therapies at Penelope and the Beauty Bar (206-438-1750) in downtown Seattle. The Gua Sha facial with raw ingredients transforms dull, dry skin.

Get The Best Anti-Aging Gua Sha Facial Treatment At Seattle's Most Luxurious Spa

Have you been waiting for a facial treatment that will blow your mind without blowing your budget? Ever heard of Gua Sha? If not, you're in for a treat. Gua Sha is a facial treatment rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, and it might be one of the most cost-effective services on the market today.

'Gua' means scrape, and ‘Sha’ means sand. So, not surprisingly, Gua Sha is the process of scraping a rounded stone over your skin to relax stiff muscles and encourage tissue drainage.

If you're a Gua Sha first-timer, you'll want to book your appointment at Seattle's Penelope and the Beauty Bar, a premier spa that ensures you'll get the results you're after.

Considered the city's most opulent, high-end, high-quality spa experience, Penelope and the Beauty Bar offers you innovative, world-class approaches to skin, hair, and body care, and many of the world's top beauty products as well.

With their Signature Gua Sha facial, you get an ancient Chinese therapy that specifically targets and reduces signs of aging in one of today's most luxurious spa settings.

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Featured in Allure, WWD. Elle, Vogue, Seattle Magazine, and more, Penelope and the Beauty Bar prides itself on its superior service, world-class products and procedures, and luxurious ambiance.

Treat yourself to their Gua Sha treatment for an outstanding treatment that clears your skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and gives you a beautiful, contoured, youthful appearance.

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The Gua Sha facial takes a little over an hour, and can be paired with the micropuncture eye and lip treatment, signature hand treatment, and/or a customized neck and decollete treatment for a one-stop spa treatment experience that'll make you want to lay down some roots!

Penelope and the Beauty Bar beauticians specialize in a full range of spa and medi spa procedures.

You'll find the best in non-surgical facelifts, micro-puncture, French detox body wraps, massage, cupping, micro-needling, derma-planing, and aesthetics services that include nail and hair treatments, makeup, lash extensions - just about anything your heart desire.

And did you know Penelope and the Beauty Bar is the Winner of the 'City’s Best' Award, 2022? An award-winning spa that prides itself on providing results-driven treatments and uncompromising service, what's not to love?

A recent customer says, “With the French music playing in the background, Penelope and the Beauty Bar is so relaxing and welcoming. They offer beverages while you wait, and I love the professionalism and the quality of their treatments. This is the ultimate spa pamper splurge, which is why I’ve been a loyal customer for years.”

With their signature approach to what many are calling a uniquely relaxing and rejuvenating Gua Sha experience, this specialized facial gives you a simultaneously oldest and newest approach to skincare that will leave you looking and feeling radiant.

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