Get The Best Aloe Skincare Gifts For Sensitive Skin For Less This Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2020

Aloe Unique USA has launched a new range of natural plant-based products and gift sets. The products are designed to soothe, rejuvenate, and improve hydration of all skin types.

How would you describe your skincare regime? Do you want a starter kit that is easy to use to help you look after your skin? Would you like to increase the elasticity of your skin? Do you want to find affordable Aloe skin care products? Whatever your skin type or budget, this range has something for everyone!

A new hydrating Aloe skincare range made of 100% natural ingredients has been launched by Aloe Unique USA. The team behind the cleansing, moisturizing, and clarifying range explain the products are affordable, suitable for all skin types, and rejuvenate your skin.

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In case you are wondering, the newly launched range of products includes facial lotion, an Aloe and honey gel mask, clarifying facial toner, exfoliating scrub, a gentle face wash, and age defying serum. The team explain that as they offer something for all your skincare needs, their products make the ideal gift for the holiday season. You can find out more at

Whether you have acne, oily skin, aged-related blemishes, sensitive, dry, or normal skin, the team explain the products soothe irritation, refine your skin texture, increase elasticity and radiance. They add the range is ideal for you if you want to pamper your skin at home over the festive period.

For a limited time, the Aloe Unique USA team explain they are offering Thanksgiving and Black Friday offers designed to help you find cost-effective and affordable gifts for your friends and yourself, whether you want to invest in your health or help your friends relax over the holidays.

The plant-based organic range is cruelty-free making the products ideal for you if you consider yourself a conscious shopper and you want to support ethical brands. Aloe Unique USA offers you and your friends multiple gift sets including the Starter Gift Set, which is ideal for you if you want to begin a new skincare routine.

It includes a gentle face wash, clarifying toner, 2-in-1 light moisturizer, Aloe & honey gel mask, and an exfoliating facial scrub. The Sensitive and Acne Prone Gift Set is suited to you if you want to get your skin under control using gentle plant-based products.

A customer wrote: “I love that Aloe Unique USA uses Aloe in their products, I love Aloe and use it religiously as part of my skincare and haircare routine. I love the Bitter Gel, which is made of 99% organic Aloe Ferox, which is great for treating blemish acne-prone skin – I use it as a spot treatment or mask.”

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