Get Stylish Angled, Stamped Concrete Curbs For Trafalgar, IN Gardens & Drives

Aug 24, 2022

Give your garden and driveway a much needed makeover and add a little more curb appeal to your home. To be the envy of the suburbs, you need Elite Curbs! (317-300-4140)

Get Stylish Angled, Stamped Concrete Curbs For Trafalgar, IN Gardens & Drives

Want to make your gardens and exterior space look smart? Don’t curb your enthusiasm, get some beautiful concrete landscaping from Curb Elite today!

With millions of Americans spending more time at home due to pandemic-related lockdowns, many of us are turning our attention to improving our outdoor space. In light of this, the Columbus, IN-based concrete landscaping company has announced updated services for clients in the Trafalgar area.

Elite Curb’s latest launch provides you with expert curbing solutions, transforming gardens and yards with stylish yet functional stonework. The company is renowned for its standards of professionalism, attention to detail, and transparent pricing.

Make cutting the lawn a breeze with mower-friendly edging from Elite Curb. More details at

The announcement details a range of benefits for property owners who are seeking to upgrade the look and feel of their lawn and yard boundaries. Elite Curb offers durable, flexible design solutions, bringing a fresh, neat look to crumbling exteriors.

According to the Bothwell Corporation, stamped concrete landscaping adds significant monetary value and curb appeal to properties. While many homeowners tend to concentrate on their interiors, the appearance of outdoor space is the first thing that visitors and prospective buyers see when they arrive. Creating a favorable impression of a property from the outset informs the entire atmosphere of a home.

The Elite Curb team provides you with fast and efficient installation in a variety of styles. From decorative mower edge designs to angled, stamped curbs, the company offers something for every taste. Concrete landscaping makes gardening tasks such as edging, trimming, and mowing a much simpler task. Expertly-wrought curbs beautify your yard and garden, framing grass and flowerbeds with an artful yet practical border.

Concrete can survive even the harshest of climates, offering rot, shatter, and splinter-proof construction that lasts for many years. Elite Curb offers you design flexibility to accommodate curves, turns, straight lines, and contours. Concrete blocking is also easy to clean and maintain throughout the seasons.

About Elite Curb

The company is a family-owned and operated venture, serving the people of the wider Columbus, IN area since 2009. The Elite Curb team is fully licensed, insured, and prides itself on the highest levels of customer care, treating client properties as they would their own. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “We understand everything there is to know in the curbing field, from the freeze-thaw cycle of winter to the dry-hot cycle of summer. We make sure that the curbing is installed at its proper depth and is as maintenance-friendly as possible.”

With its latest service updates, Elite Curb is setting a new standard for concrete landscaping in Trafalgar, IN, and the surrounding areas.

Show off those curbs with a stylish new refurb. Find out more here:

Reframe your garden and perimeters with Elite Curbs!

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