Get Streams On Spotify Playlists With The Best Music Curator Plugging Service

Oct 3, 2022

Get your music on the top Spotify playlists, and heard by thousands of people around the world, the easy way. Playlist Plugger specializes in pitching your songs to the best playlist curators on Spotify, YouTube, and the radio.

Get Streams On Spotify Playlists With The Best Music Curator Plugging Service

While everyone has a different story about what made them switch to Spotify, it seems like everyone is using it for music now, even if they started off listening to podcasts.

Personally, I turned to Spotify study playlists to help me get through school.

You could say they were instrumental to my success...

Pause for applause... and... realize it's a good thing I didn't give up my day job to become a comedian.

While I may not be a comedy genius (yet,) I do know a few things about playlist curation, and just how hard it can be to get your songs on real playlists, listened to by real people, and not just some bots.

In today’s digital world, getting a record deal is sweet, but most artists are more interested in how they increase their online followers. Playlist Plugger has some great plans and decent pricing to help you get your songs heard by the top playlist curators for Spotify and YouTube, with guaranteed placements and authentic streams.

That's right - you may want to read that part again.

Guaranteed placements and authentic streams - if your songs don't get accepted into genre-specific playlists by some of the top curators, you get your money back.

So what are your options? Visit to see their plans, pricing, and promises.

Playlist Plugger has the world’s largest online playlist directory and a team of in-house experts that work with top playlist curators to find the best placements for your songs. Their plans range from basic options for new artists looking to expand their reach, to ultimate playlist packages across multiple services, for music labels that want a complete Done-For-You approach.

The Basic Spotify Plan offers new artists the best chance at finding new listeners, on a limited budget. It guarantees placement on between 3 and 5 genre-specific playlists - by using this plan, you can reach an audience of up to 50,000 people. While Playlist Plugger cannot guarantee a certain number of streams, the Basic Spotify Plan has an average stream rate of 5,000 listens per song submitted. Want to know more? Check out the Basic Spotify Plan at

Playlist Plugger has an extensive list of plans to meet every artist’s budget and needs, including combination packages that include placement on both Spotify and YouTube playlists. They also provide you with logo and cover design services, brand consultants, radio plugging, and social media marketing. Whatever you need to get your name noticed - they've got it. Visit to see some of their other services.

For labels that want to streamline their playlist curation process, Playlist Plugger has the Ultra Playlist Plan, which provides an average of 300,000 streams per song. This plan includes placement on nearly 100 unique, bot-free playlists, and reaches an audience of up to 3 million listeners. Labels (or very serious artists) may also want to consider the Pro Combo Plan, which combines the best options for Spotify and YouTube playlists into one package.

Are blogs and radio stations more your thing? Go to to find out how you can get your music hyped on some of the best genre-specific blogs, like Rap Workout and Hip Hop Drive.

Unfortunately, because Playlist Plugger only submits music to authentic playlist curators with bot-free listens, not every song submitted will receive approval. If your songs do not meet the playlist submission standards, or you do not receive placements on playlists, you will be refunded - but give them a bit of time, and they'll make good things happen for you. It's what they do best.

Want to skip all the plans and get your songs on 25 Spotify playlists for just $4 each? Visit to skip straight to this sweet deal.

Getting your songs heard outside of your immediate bubble can be a real nightmare. Many of the biggest bands today got there because they happened to be in the right place, at the right time, and that's not a great system to rely on.

Make sure your songs get heard no matter where you live, or what genre you work in - all you have to do is pick a plan, and submit your music.

Check out to learn more about how it works, and to find the best plan to get your music the attention it deserves.

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