Get Simple Cell Phones With Big Buttons | Best For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

Jun 29, 2022

If you’re worried about a loved one who’s in a care home with dementia, upgrading their cell phone can provide the human connection they need. Discover the best options today!

Get Simple Cell Phones With Big Buttons | Best For Seniors With Alzheimer’s

There’s not much in the world that’s harder than seeing your loved one lose their memories. It’s gutting to know that your mom or dad has already forgotten everything you said by the time you walk out of the care home door.

But that doesn’t change the fact that every time you talk to them, you brighten their day – even if just for a few seconds. And those few seconds are the most precious things in the world.

Providing your loved ones with an upgraded cell phone means you can talk to them throughout the day, and give them much-needed comfort.

Want the best cell phone options for seniors? Go to:

Senior Affair explains that cell phones can provide a human connection that helps to combat loneliness and some of the other symptoms of aging.

These aren’t just any old cell phone – they’re specially designed to create a simpler and more enjoyable experience. Each has been selected by the team of writers at Senior Affair for its features and accessibility.

The RAZ Memory phone is notable for its design philosophy, as it has been created specifically for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The phone is intended to be easy to use, with a larger 6.3-inch display to reduce the difficulties of vision loss.

There is room for six contacts with clear images to aid recollection, and space is included for up to 24 contacts in total. There is no volume button to worry about, no messaging system or menu, and the phone has no sleep mode.

Other options included in the guide are the Jitterbug Smart, a one-screen smartphone that can also act as a medical alert device through an integrated urgent response button.

The Jitterbug Flip phone offers a more diverse range of features including Amazon Alexa, while the Snapfon ezTWO3g has the option of a subscription monitoring service for those who want additional peace of mind.

Senior Affair released the guide to alleviate the concern that many family members have when their loved ones develop memory loss.

A spokesperson for the site states: “According to Alzheimer’s Disease International, someone develops dementia every three seconds. As a caregiver, you can help this by recommending some lifestyle changes. If you care for a person experiencing these symptoms, loneliness often goes along with aging, and having a lifeline to everyday life is needed. You can help by upgrading their cell phone.”

Do you want to connect to your senior family members more often? This guide could be exactly what you need.

Check out to provide your loved ones with a more home-like experience!

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