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Nov 4, 2023

If you’re running an enterprise business in the US and want to expand, the right data can supercharge your sales and marketing efforts. That’s where LeadGenius comes in!

The right data can set you apart from rival companies in big ways because it allows for unmatched accuracy, timing, and personalization. You can build more meaningful relationships with customers – and target the right customers at the right time.

LeadGenius is the go-to growth automation solution for your sales and marketing needs, offering custom data on demand that syncs it with CRMs for more efficient, informed, and customized engagement.

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LeadGenius focuses on the need for US enterprise businesses to access advanced data on demand when looking to scale. Their solution allows you to reduce time spent on list management and provides the insights needed to build better connections and drive sales.

As enterprises aim to expand nationally or globally, many struggle to connect with the right decision-makers due to limited data. With generic lists lacking the industry-specific details needed to personalize outreach and foster meaningful relationships, LeadGenius solves this problem by sourcing precise, customized data that provides a complete view of target accounts.

The company offers standard contact and company data but also goes beyond traditional datasets, providing industry-specific data pools, the ability to build personalized target account lists, and on-demand sourcing for any niche or vertical - giving you a tailored approach to reach the most promising prospects.

You can also take advantage of contact and account monitoring tools to track website behavior to identify engagement. Your teams can see who is researching solutions or demonstrating intent so they can reach out at the optimal time to increase the chance of conversion.

Central to the LeadGenius service is the ability to get data tailored to your customer's unique needs. LeadGenius sources proprietary contact details and company intelligence that cannot be found anywhere else and you can submit specific targeting criteria to acquire custom contact lists, technology installs, and more.

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LeadGenius seamlessly integrates this data into existing workflows. With the LeadGenius Chrome extension, segmented data is pushed directly into sales and marketing platforms to scale targeted outreach. Further automation is achieved through a centralized LeadGenius dashboard to manage data projects from start to finish.

A spokesperson states: "We're all swimming in the same sea of data. And a lot of it is old and inaccurate. What if your team was working on lists filled with not just names and contact numbers? What if they had actionable insight and personalized data that helps unearth details on specific industry verticals? That's what we provide."

If you want to level up your campaigns and get better prospecting results, sign up today!

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