Get Rid Of Mosquitos Rats Bugs Ultrasonic Pest Control Revolutionary New Service Launched By HomeShielders

Aug 12, 2016

Get rid of pests in your home cheaply and effectively with the ultrasonic plug and forget product line from HomeShielders, the pest control experts who have researched the best way to get rid of bugs, mosquitos and rats to keep your home pest free.

HomeShielders, the pest control specialists, has announced the launch of a revolutionary new product to help rid customers' homes of pests like mosquitoes, rats and bugs in a simple to use and chemically free way. The inexpensive pest control method was devised after careful research and experimentation in order to offer homeowners an easy way to rid their home of pests.

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The site explains that the family run HomeShielders easy pest control product range was devised after years of struggling with pest infestation in their own home. The owners say that they spent a small fortune on hiring pest control companies to rid their home of pests, trying poisons, traps and insecticides, and it was only after doing this that they decided to try ultrasonic solutions.

The owners tried a wide range of ultrasonic pest control products to varying degrees of success, but while most of the products didn't work as well as they hoped, they did plant an inspirational seed for an idea that might give them the pest control product they needed.

Following on from this experience and research, the first HomeShielders product line tackles one of the biggest issues faced by American families today: the issue of pest infestation around the home, office, or any property.

One the HomeShielders site, visitors can discover how the HomeShielders pest control products are simple to use, completely eco friendly, and cheaper than hiring pest control service companies. The theory behind the products is ultrasonic plug-in technology that allows users to connect the device to any plug in the building and relax safe in the knowledge that it will repel pests and stop them from coming back.

HomeShielders underscores that they put their products under stringent tests to ensure each and every product works, unlike many ultrasonic devices out there. The team discovered a secret long-term pest elimination approach, which they share with customers in a free guide sent out with every purchase of the Plug2Repel product.

See how it works:

A full list of pest control products available from HomeShielders is available on the online store.

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