Get Rapid Improvement For TRD & PPD At Dartmouth Ketamine Infusion Center

Feb 28, 2023

Are you looking for fast relief from your depression, PTSD, anxiety, or chronic pain? Thrive IV (508-848-8089) in Dartmouth, MA specializes in custom ketamine IV infusions administered in climate-controlled rooms.

Get Rapid Improvement For TRD & PPD At Dartmouth Ketamine Infusion Center

Experience maximum comfort while improving your health with Thrive IV! The specialized wellness center offers physician-approved ketamine therapy that offers rapid improvement for Chronic Pain conditions as well as Resistant Depression.

Not only do they help you resolve your conditions easily and safely, but they also offer 10% off the price of the therapy for first responders, military and nurses!

Thrive IV Ketamine Clinic:

The center also provides climate-controlled rooms for all its treatments. You are made to feel as comfortable as possible in a soft recliner, easy lighting, and sound cancelling headphones with peaceful, positive music.

In a climate-controlled room, will feel more at ease when receiving your ketamine IV infusion treatment. If needed, you may also bring your own headphones and blanket to feel more relaxed.

Typically, ketamine infusions take 40 minutes to one hour to be administered, with 20-30 minutes afterward for recovery. Pain-related treatments, however, may require a full four-hour infusion and longer recovery period.

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Thrive IV makes sure that its rooms are comfortable and restful so that you can receive your ketamine infusions in peace. Some patients, particularly newer ones, may experience anxiety in a hospital or medical setting.

Aware of this, Thrive IV, led by Dr. Michael Pellegrino, takes extra precautions to treat patients with depression, anxiety, and OCD in a safe and soothing environment. Before any treatment is given, Dr. Pellegrino and his team conduct a thorough medical consultation to determine which ketamine infusion therapy would work best for your condition.

For maximum comfort, all infusions take place in climate-controlled rooms that are dimmed in case you want to nap during your treatment. You are carefully monitored by a licensed physician throughout the infusion who may adjust treatment, as needed. Dr. Pellegrino explains that during the infusion, you may experience mild visual hallucinations and some out-of-body experiences. This is completely normal and is a positive sign that your body is reacting well to the therapy.

After your initial treatment, you may want to add various vitamins and nutrients to further enhance the positive effects of the infusions. Please ask Dr. Pellegrino which vitamin infusion is perfect for you!

Ketamine therapy is an alternative wellness treatment for those with severe depression with suicidal ideations, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and chronic pain. Depending on your condition, treatment plans may range anywhere from several weeks to several months for complete recovery. However, you will commonly notice immediate effects within a few hours from the first treatment.

A spokesperson for the center says, "Ketamine infusions are a revolutionary fast, safe and highly-effective adjunctive treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD and other psychiatric disorders, as well as for a variety of chronic pain conditions."

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