Get Property Management In Santa Rosa, CA For Tenant Screening & Selection

Oct 25, 2021

Sue Carrell & Associates (707-282-9268) helps homeowners in Santa Rosa, CA maintain their properties. The trusted residential property manager has recently updated its services.

Have you recently felt overwhelmed with all the changes in housing regulations caused by the pandemic? We believe that your home is your space; and we take care of the finer details so that you can live with ease.

Continuing our mission of providing personalized hospitality with present-specific and future-ready packages, our team at Sue Carrell & Associates has improved our property management services for residents in Santa Rosa. We help you screen potential tenants, maintain your properties, and keep updated with the latest state home regulations, among others.

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The announcement solidifies our position as one of the most trusted residential property management companies in the state. Based in Santa Rosa, we also serve residents in Forestville, Kenwood, Oakmont, Sebastopol, and Windsor.

Residential property management extends far beyond maintaining the upkeep of the building. Its services also include ensuring that each property follows state and national housing laws, including the presence of fire extinguishers, upkeep of smoke detectors and alarms, and other relevant engineering concerns.

This may become overwhelming for you!

We have established ourselves as the premier choice for residential property management for more than 14 years. Our success can be attributed to our team’s obsessive passion for providing targeted services based on the customer journey. This passion continues to inspire us to keep ourselves regularly updated on the latest news on state housing regulations and informing you of these changes as necessary.

For us, property management is something we live for each day. We wake, breathe, and eat keeping your houses in proper condition.

The goal is to take the weight off your shoulders. Outsourcing certain services is not only more convenient for clients but is also more cost-efficient. Now, you do not have to worry about looking for, screening, and handling tenants or keeping your properties in optimum condition.

Retaining the services of a trusted property management company can also improve the investment value of a building, with you realizing an economic edge to your real estate assets.

A satisfied client wrote, “Sue’s years of experience really helped–and made the process of finding a tenant much less stressful. She was great at talking through the best way to create the advertising and how to screen to get just the right tenants. She’s not just a property manager – she’s a business partner.”

Crafting that feeling of home is our business, and we live to serve you each day! Go to so you can learn more. 

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