Get Premium Concrete Stains and Colorants From This Local Shawnee OK Supplier

Apr 9, 2021

Looking for a premium local concrete treatment supplier in Shawnee, OK? Call the specialists at Direct Colors to get the durable stains, sealants, waxes, and colorants you need!

Update your driveways, patios, and pool decks with these industrial-standard concrete sealants, waxes, and stains – call the specialist, local Shawnee, OK supplier Direct Colors to find out more about the innovative concrete finishing solutions you need!

Direct Colors, a specialist supplier located in Shawnee, OK, have recently updated their decorative concrete services, offering to supply luxury finish stamped, sealed, and waxed concrete products while catering to a wide range of domestic and commercial budgets.

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Direct Colors supply concrete professionals with a range of premium decorative products that have been tried and tested by their team of experts. Their newly updated decorative concrete solutions include stains, waxes, sealants, and pigments, ideal for your patios, walkways, sunrooms, and pool decks, as well as your interior surfaces such as countertops and basements.

Their new innovations in decorative concrete mean that high-end, luxury finish flooring, stairs, and drives are now available no matter your budget or project type. Direct Colors have specialized in supplying premium quality concrete staining and sealing products since 1997, during which time they have championed accessibility for your residential and commercial concrete needs.

They work alongside professional contractors and concrete installers to provide sleek, highly durable designs that can add curb appeal to your private property or business. Specifically, their recently updated product range include waxes and tints ideal for garages, basements, and patios.

Direct Colors pride themselves on customer satisfaction, aiming to guarantee quality with their expert team of design consultants and professional lab technicians. They provide you with economical solutions for your home and business if you are looking to transform your space and make a worthwhile investment in your property.

You can find comprehensive portfolios of their luxury design ideas on their site, in addition to complete concrete installation guides and unique creative design projects. They use specially-formulated concrete stains and colorants designed to have a premium quality, aesthetically pleasing finish while being practical and durable the highly trafficked areas in your property.

They aim to leave you satisfied with their product pricing without sacrificing quality or durability. Direct Colors concrete sealing and coloring products are formulated using a variety industrial-grade methods that transform walkways and drives for your private residence or local business.

A spokesperson for the company said “Direct Colors is changing the way the world thinks about concrete by pioneering the accessibility of decorative solutions that can be consumed at all economic levels without sacrificing quality and performance.”

Direct Colors are the local Shawnee, OK concrete stain and sealant suppliers offering economical ways to add curb appeal to your residence or business – call them today at +1-877-255-2656 to find out more about the premium concrete products you need!

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