Get Painless Hemorrhoid Treatment: Non-Surgical Solution for Scottsdale Patients

Sep 6, 2023

Experience relief now! Elite Banding (480-809-0996) presents a breakthrough non-invasive hemorrhoid treatment for Scottsdale residents. Don’t wait! Discover a pain-free solution today!

Hemorrhoids, a common yet distressing condition affecting millions, have been treated using various methods over the years. However, the continuous evolution of medicine has led to the development of techniques that are less invasive, more effective, and carry fewer risks. Make an appointment for the CRH O’Regan procedure - a game-changer in hemorrhoid treatments!

Elite Banding offers this swift and effective solution for individuals experiencing mild to moderate hemorrhoid symptoms like bleeding, burning, itching, and swelling. If you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, this is your sign to make an appointment and schedule the procedure!

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According to the National Institutes of Health, hemorrhoids affect about 5% of Americans, with numbers going up to 50% in people above 50. Elite Banding’s non-invasive procedure offers a painless solution that, unlike conventional hemorrhoidectomies, requires no excision, and neither utilizes metal clamps as in standard hemorrhoid banding, which can cause chafing and irritation.

Elite Banding's CRH O’Regan procedure is а safe and painless hemorrhoid treatment that takes under a minute to perform. The procedure eliminates the need for extensive preparation, sedation, or post-procedure downtime. The clinic states that 99% of their patients experience relief after three treatments, and most of them experience permanent relief - make sure you are one of them!

The CRH O’Regan procedure involves the placement of a rubber band around the hemorrhoid's base using a gentle suction method, restricting the blood supply. This leads to it shrinking and eventually detaching in the following days, usually with the patient unaware of it coming off. While the CRH O’Regan procedure predominantly addresses internal hemorrhoids, it also contributes to eliminating external symptoms. The clinic has shared an educational video on the website to help you get acquainted with the procedure before scheduling one.

About Elite Banding

Under the ownership of board-certified gastroenterologist and hemorrhoid specialist, Dr. Meheen Sheikh, Elite Banding is well-known for its efficient hemorrhoid treatment. To ensure its affordability and accessibility to a wide array of patients, they have partnered up with various insurance companies to include the CRH O’Regan System in their coverage. The clinic is dedicated to ensuring pain-free hemorrhoid removal, emphasizing its commitment to genuine, effective care over pushing supplementary treatments or products.

Delaying hemorrhoid treatment can worsen your symptoms, leading to increased pain, bleeding, and itching. Untreated hemorrhoids may result in complications like anemia or strangulated hemorrhoids that may require invasive treatments or surgeries.

Don't let discomfort and potential complications dictate your well-being! Taking action now and save yourself from escalating pain and health risks down the line.

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