Get Pain Relief & Reduce Inflammation With Cold Therapy At Northvale, NJ Spa

Jun 28, 2022

Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis or other kinds of chronic pain can benefit from cryotherapy treatment at Mindful Waters (201-367-2733) in Northvale, NJ.

Get Pain Relief & Reduce Inflammation With Cold Therapy At Northvale, NJ Spa

Are you looking for something other than strong pain medicine to ease your chronic pain? You may find the kind of relief you want with cold therapy at Mindful Waters.

This spa is committed to providing the ancient practice of cold therapy in an innovative way to help reduce inflammation, thereby lessening the intensity of aches and pains.

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Athletes were the first to take advantage of cryotherapy, or cold therapy, to speed recovery from soreness after athletic activity. If you want to speed your own recovery, you can get the same benefits as the athletes with Whole Body Cryotherapy at Mindful Waters.

Cryotherapy was originally designed to help individuals with rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory joint disease. When it proved very effective, the therapy came to be used to treat inflammation throughout the body resulting from sports or disease.

As explained on the Mindful Waters website, this innovative treatment involves stepping into an isolation chamber with extremely low temperatures for just two to four minutes. Although doctors sometimes use localized cryotherapy, this spa treatment is not a medical procedure. Instead, it is a non-invasive option for individuals like you who want an alternative treatment for pain relief.

Spending time in this kind of cold can seem like an unlikely way to achieve better health, but it can be compared to the advice from doctors to put an ice pack on injured and painful muscles to promote healing.

When you have a cold therapy treatment, you can have increased collagen production and an increased metabolic rate that lasts for up to eight hours after the treatment. Results can also include a reduction in chronic inflammation, improvement in circulation, pain relief, and skin rejuvenation.

In addition to cryotherapy, the spa offers several hydration, flotation, and detoxifying treatments for mental and physical wellness, including infrared light therapy, sensory deprivation in a dense solution of Epsom salt, and hydration with hydrogen water.

Mindful Waters uses the latest, eco-friendly cleaning processes to provide a spotless environment, cleaning each space between use and disinfecting with sanitizing aromatic oils.

A satisfied client said, "Amazing enlightened owners with a vision and concept that will heal your body, mind and soul while shifting your consciousness. Step into the future and heal yourself with the most advanced modalities available. Amy is so trustworthy and fulfilling a higher vision of well-being and transformation."

Are you ready to get rid of the pain that’s been bothering you for a long time? Why not give cryotherapy a try? You won’t be sorry.

You can call 201-367-1733 to book a treatment or find more information at

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