Get Over 30 Expert Tips For Increasing Your Bench Press Strength From This Guide

Feb 25, 2023

Fitness Fahrenheit is an industry recognized online fitness and strength training resource. The site is helping runners and trainers increase their bench press strength with the release of their information-packed guide.

If you're working on your fitness, and you're determined to reach your bench press goals, you know there's a million ways to hurt yourself in the process. Don't risk it! Read the latest report issued by Fitness Fahrenheit to progressively increase your bench press skills and strength so you can nail those weights without mangling your body.

Authored by former Marine gunner and private embassy security specialist Koji Lopez, “How to Increase Bench Press Strength” gives you over 30 tips you can use to increase how much you can press. By mastering the proper bench press form, you can safely reach even your most aggressive goals.

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Learning how to increase bench press strength is not as simple as it sounds. There is no one correct way for you to increase your strength, but there are a number of important processes you need to be aware of to progress safely.

Fitness expert Koji Lopez addresses all the steps you need to follow if your goal is to increase your bench press strength.

Regardless of your intended fitness goals, mastering proper bench press form is essential. The process involves a disciplined warm-up routine, proper chest training for increased tricep and shoulder strength, rotator cuff precautions, proper breath control, and much more.

Fitness Fahrenheit notes that proper form is the first step in effective bench press strength training because improper alignments and other bad habits can lead to injury. By keeping your elbows tucked, eyes directly under the bar, your hands shoulder-width apart, and maintaining six inches of space between the end of the weight and the top of your head, you can set yourself up for a healthy and productive set of reps.

Whether you're building muscle to improve your running times, your strength, or your overall fitness, Fitness Fahrenheit gives you a ton of goal-oriented workouts, nutrition guidance, product reviews, healthy diet recommendations, and more so you can make the most of your training.

Platform founder Koji Lopez says, “After leaving the Marine Corps, I struggled with PTSD. Working out helped me cope. I went back to university to gain my bachelor's in biochemistry and am now pursuing a degree in neurochemistry. I hope to use my knowledge in science to better analyze aspects of health and fitness. I truly love what I do, and plan to fully nerd out on this fitness site to give my readers the best, most up-to-date information they can rely on to reach their weight and fitness goals.”

With the release of his recent report, Fitness Fahrenheit founder Koji Lopez is giving you all the guidance, insights, and step-by-step tips you'll need to achieve your bench press strength goals safely and efficiently.

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