Get Organic Vegan Skincare Balms to Reduce Chemo Inflammation from This Brand

After chemotherapy and radiation, many people don’t feel like themselves. If this sounds like you, check out BeSoWell’s Modicum skincare line.

Get Organic Vegan Skincare Balms to Reduce Chemo Inflammation from This Brand

Be well on your way to healing and recovery - you are a survivor! Take care of your skin's health with Modicum's "Essential Recovery - Breast", a healing balm that reduces inflammation and encourages the growth of new tissue to minimize scarring.

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This skincare line is not just for postoperative healing, but for anti-aging as well. Other products in the Modicum line include serums and exfoliants that are suitable for sensitive skin.

BeSoWell’s introduction of the Modicum line is part of the company’s goal to help you age gracefully. The company believes that while aging is a privilege, self-care is important to your mental health and overall well-being.

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One of the brand’s bestselling products is the Essential Serum. It is an anhydrous or waterless formula that contains a combination of helichrysum essential oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, black cumin seed oil, and rose absolute. These oils are rich in antioxidants that relieve inflammation, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Modicum’s "Essential Recovery - Skin" is a product that boosts the immune system and helps the skin recover from radiation exposure and chemotherapy. Its skin-soothing properties come from a combination of astaxanthin, sea buckthorn, scar-reducing helichrysum italicum, and camellia.

Aside from skincare products that are soothing and suitable for sensitive skin, BeSoWell also recommends drinking lemon water to keep the skin hydrated, boost immunity, and grow old gracefully. Due to its high vitamin C content, lemon water can be an essential part of a daily self-care routine for optimal skin health.

Since lemons are rich in antioxidants and fiber, they naturally lower bad cholesterol in the system, making lemon water a heart-healthy beverage, too. BeSoWell recommends having at least one cup of lemon juice every day for optimal skincare and anti-aging benefits.

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Committed to educating customers about alternative ways to maintain health and well-being, BeSoWell has a wide variety of products that can help people live better lives.

“We help you to create a healthy practice of cleansing and creating balance in different ways catering to your mind, your body, and your space,” a spokesperson for the company said.

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