Alpharetta Wellness Expert Offers Quick & Easy Complete Health Assessment

Jul 5, 2023

Want to know what’s going on inside your body and if there are any problems you need to know about? Be So Well (770-696-1373) can get you answers with the AO Scan — an advanced noninvasive wellness assessment device that has revolutionized healthcare!

Health examinations don’t always have to include needle pokes and prods, blood works, and a range of tests and scans, at least not anymore.

Thanks to the AO Scan, you can find out what areas of your body require more attention and care without invasive means.

At Health and Wellness store Be So Well, you can receive a simple and painless assessment with their digital body analyzer, plus detailed personalized feedback and recommendations to ensure optimal health and wellness.

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With their AO Scan service, their team will analyze your body's energy fields using the device’s bio-resonance and frequency scanning capabilities. Your body’s frequencies are then compared to an extensive database of over 120,000 known healthy frequencies, and you can identify areas of inefficiency and imbalance, all within a few minutes.

Organs and cells in the body each have a unique resonance frequency or vibration. If they are disrupted by factors like trauma, infection, injury, poor diet, or emotional upheaval, the resulting consequences, if not addressed, may lead to problems such as illness, disease, fatigue, and so forth, Be So Well notes.

Their AO Scan performs a full body evaluation using harmless electromagnetic signals to identify imbalances and dysfunctions. The initial assessment is done with specially designed headphones, scanning 80,000 individual points in the body and comparing the frequencies with the database of healthy frequencies.

The device will also use biofeedback to check how well your nervous system copes with stress. And through analysis, it will reveal how relaxed or tense you are and what emotions you're experiencing. Furthermore, it can provide insights into your body’s composition and hydration levels.

Once the evaluation is completed, the AO Scan generates a comprehensive report showing the status of over 600 aspects of health, including that of the respiratory, digestive, immune, reproductive, and lymphatic systems, as well as vital organs, hormones, and blood. Be So Well will also recommend ways for improving areas that need attention, such as dietary changes, supplements, exercises, etc.

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“The team at Be So Well is beyond caring and is very experienced. I highly recommend this well-kept secret to anyone looking for healing and overall wellness,” a satisfied customer said.

Since day one, Be So Well has remained dedicated to providing customers with functional holistic solutions, advanced and data-driven, to improve their health and promote their highest level of well-being.

So, keen on unlocking the secrets of your body and fine-tuning your mental and physical health? Their team of expert professionals is ready whenever you are!

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