Get Natural Homeopathic Therapy For Chronic Pain Management At Boston Clinic

Aug 4, 2023

Is your everyday life compromised by chronic pain? Boston’s Poe Holistic Health offers a variety of homeopathic treatments aimed at stimulating your body’s natural healing process to alleviate your pain long-term.

Spending every day in pain is exhausting. It increases our risk for depression and anxiety and can even cause us to isolate ourselves from the people we love.

Poe Holistic Health offers natural, homeopathic remedies to help manage and alleviate your pain, taking into account the integrated nature of your mind, body, and spirit.

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✦ Chronic Pain & Homeopathy ✦

Chronic pain is defined as acute or widespread pain that persists for 12 months or more, despite medications or treatment attempts. One in five Americans suffer from chronic pain conditions according to recently collected data that was analyzed by the NHIS. While those afflicted with chronic pain often turn to prescription or over-the-counter pain medications, these substances can be highly addictive, damaging to the liver and stomach lining, and require higher and higher doses to be effective over time.

Homeopathy aims to trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms by using highly diluted substances made from natural ingredients such as plants and minerals. This approach has been used around the world for over 200 years and is often integrated to varying degrees into conventional Western medicine treatment protocols.

✦ Poe Holistic Health Can Help ✦

Poe Holistic Health strives to give patients effective alternatives to conventional pain medications that don't come with the same harsh side effects.

The clinic's homeopathic treatments include tinctures and sprays created by Physica Energetic, a well-established natural remedy producer that uses rigorous third-party lab testing on all of its original products.

Among the homeopathic remedies the clinic may prescribe for your chronic pain issues is Physica Energetic's Pre & Post-Milieu tincture which "aids and provides homeopathic support and drainage in trauma and pain causal chain imbalances". Poe Holistic Health may also use the Inflamma-Tox tincture from the same company to decrease your internal inflammation, which has been linked to chronic pain conditions.

Poe Holistic Health can even create a treatment plan for you that promotes healthy sleep, giving your body the essential rest it needs to heal. This may include homeopathic remedies such as Physica Energetic's Relax Milieu Tincture combined with lifestyle changes and a nutritional regimen that prioritizes magnesium and vitamin B, both of which are proven to support healthy sleeping habits.

✦ About Poe Holistic Health ✦

Located in Shrewsbury, MA, Poe Holistic Health strives to provide preventative, alternative health care that supplements and enhances conventional medical care. The practice's founder, Dr. Kristen Poe, holds a Ph.D. in alternative medicine and a doctorate in Naprapathy. She is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association and is board certified by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Poe Holistic Health offers natural seasonal allergy treatment, purification and cleansing solutions, optimal health and lifestyle management, and more.

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