Get More Local Customers Establish Authority Video Marketing Traffic Booster Report Launched

Oct 31, 2016

Boost your local business reputation fast through the power of video marketing using tips and tricks provided by Web Marketingville, the internet marketing specialists who can drive more traffic to your site.

Web Marketingville has launched a new report on the best ways companies can build authority online in a short period of time using the power of video marketing. It explains that in today's climate, it can be difficult for business startups to establish authority in their niche online, and to do it quickly is especially hard. But now, with expert planning and strategy, authority can be generated in short order.

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Web Marketingville has been in business for the last 5 years and specializes in helping companies to attract more customers both locally and from further afield. The company's expert staff have experience in running ecommerce sites, developing brands, and creating powerful marketing strategies.

Through partnering with Web Marketingville, businesses in any niche can boost their reputation and establish more credibility in their field. The key marketing strategies employed by the company can help each client to climb search engine rankings and generate more traffic to their homepage.

In the new report launched by Web Marketingville, readers can discover that 94% of consumers watched a video online last week. In addition to this, consumers say that videos have helped them to make a purchase in 96% of cases.

When it comes to business, 58% of consumers say that businesses are more trustworthy when they use videos, while 71% say videos help to leave a positive impression of a company, and 77% say companies that show videos are more engaging.

Web Marketingville emphasizes that this is the key to building local business authority fast. Businesses can capture the power of video marketing and harness their audience's demand for video content to create compelling videos that tell their unique story or get across the products that the company is trying to sell.

Through doing this, a trusting relationship is developed with the consumer, leading them to have more faith in the company. A more trusting visitor is more likely to become a paying customer when they can relate to the company through video.

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