Get Men’s Custom-Made Suits Tailored To Your Exact Measurements In Oklahoma City

Jul 28, 2023

Looking for supreme quality men’s custom Italian suits for your next event? Armadura Custom Wear (405-435-6594) is the tailor to trust in Oklahoma City!

Forget baggy, overly tight, too short, or too long off-the-rack suits that guarantee you’ll look the same as everyone else!

Whether it's for work, a wedding, or any kind of special occasion, at Armadura Custom Wear, you’ll get an impeccable made-to-measure suit that exudes class, grace, and sophistication!

What’s more, you can customize your suit’s lapels, lining, pockets, and button details to create a style that’s totally unique to you!

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Combining elegance with comfort, the company makes suits with fabrics that have been selected for their luxurious quality and breathability to keep you cool and optimize ease of movement.

Armadura Custom Wear’s suits are fabricated from a base pattern to fit your exact measurements and include a canvas layer to create a flattering silhouette. The shoulder seams are extended to prevent pinching or sagging, which, as the company notes, are a common problem with off-the-rack alternatives.

You can choose from features such as notch, peak, and point lapels, and breast and ticket pockets for a distinctive look. Other details that characterize Italian suits such as Kissing Buttons and hallmark buttonhole styles can also be added to your suit by the team of tailors.

“With our men’s custom suits, you’ll have a luxurious suit that’s been tailored to fit your body, rather than something that came off the rack at your local department store. Even with designer suits, there are hundreds if not thousands of the same suit out there. With Armadura Custom Wear, you’ll have a suit that’s unique to you, crafted from premium Italian fabrics,” said a spokesperson.

If you’d prefer your suit to be handcrafted from scratch, you can opt for the company's custom tailoring service. With this option, every piece of fabric is hand cut and assembled with over 1000 stitches in the lapels alone. The company notes that if worn 45-50 times a year, with correct care, its suits will last for the duration of your career.

About Armadura Custom Wear

Armadura Custom Wear was founded by Leonel R. Chavarria, a sought-after designer in the Italian luxury suit business. The tailoring shop serves customers throughout Oklahoma City, and the surrounding areas of Edmond, Norman, Tulsa, and Dallas, OK.

A spokesperson for the company said: “A custom Italian suit is an investment. You’re not only investing in your own style and look, but you’re investing in your future. It doesn’t matter whether you want to have a few men’s Italian luxury suits for work or want an unforgettable look for your big event. You’re investing in something that is hand-crafted to last for years to come.”

To make the best investment for your wardrobe, call Armadura Custom Wear today at 405-435-6594!

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