Get Low-Cost Solar Power In California With The Federal Investment Tax Credit

Sep 30, 2021

Looking for a more affordable solar panel installation? You can benefit from the Federal Investment Tax Credit when you buy from Option One Solar at 855 502-6363!

There has been a huge surge in solar panel installation in Southern California over the last few years, and your home can be next with these great deals. You can save on taxes next year with the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) if you order your solar energy system from this local company!

Option One Solar, a California-based specialist, has announced an impending update to the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The company encourages you to invest in their services to reduce the amount of taxes required after your purchase.

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The Solar Tax Credit is a federal program that enables you to reduce the amount of tax you owe in the year following your purchase. With the latest announcement, Option One encourages anyone thinking about solar to make the switch before the legislation changes.

To qualify under the existing conditions, you are required to first purchase a solar-powered system. One year following this purchase, you would then present your receipt of purchase to the relevant tax processor and begin the tax-reduction process.

Once signed up, you can make claims for solar equipment, freight shipping costs, and fees for solar consulting, professional installment, electricians, and engineering.

Claims can also be made for rented or bought tools, permitting fees, contractor costs, roofing repairs or replacement, and such tools as wiring, screws, bolts, and nails.

If you purchase and install your solar system before December 31, 2022, own your own home, are a federal taxpayer, and own a new solar system, you qualify for the nationwide Federal Tax Credit, which stands at 26%.

Option One Solar recommends that you meet the December 31, 2022 deadline since the ITC is scheduled to end in 2023. As such, a representative for the company encourages that the best time to invest in a solar-generated system is now.

The representative also explains that “We are not tax professionals, but we provide our customers with the documents and direction they need to get the most out of their solar investment.”

About Option One Solar

Option One Solar was first founded in the Aerospace Industry by former US Air Force officer and fighter jet electrician, Jerry Thomas. The company prides itself on striving for excellence and world-class quality and is regarded as one of the most trusted solar companies in California.

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