Get Low Cost Funerals In Cardiff With Ivor Thomas Funeral Director Affordable Ceremonies

Apr 4, 2020

If you’re looking for an affordable funeral director in Cardiff then you’ve come to the right place. Ivor Thomas Funeral Directors specialize in offering affordable, low-cost funerals and ceremonies in Cardiff including local areas like Llanedeyrn, Ely, Caerau, Grangetown, and Riverside and can help you throughout the funeral planning process.

Despite coronavirus making it hard for people to see their families, funerals are one type of gathering still allowed in the UK. If you’re looking to celebrate the life of a loved one in Cardiff, Ivor Thomas can help.

Ivor Thomas Funerals provides low-cost funerals and ceremonies in Cardiff including local areas like Llanedeyrn, Ely, Caerau, Grangetown, and Riverside.

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They’re an affordable funeral director who pride themselves on excellent service. They take the time to get to know you and always put your needs first.

Ivor Thomas Funerals serve many areas across Cardiff, and pride themselves on high quality service. They don’t want high funeral costs to be the reason that families can’t grieve for their loved ones in the right way.

They are independent, family run funeral directors who strive to take the stress and hassle out of the funeral arrangement process. Providing these services at a mort affordable cost is part of that commitment.

One of the benefits of working with them is that they take the time to discuss the goals and needs of the family. This helps to ensure that the family gets the service they want at a price that suits them.

The pressures of the coronavirus pandemic is making all aspects of UK life more stressful and frightening. But despite the government urging people to stay at home, funerals are exempt from gathering restrictions.

To help with social distancing, the team at Ivor Thomas is offering phone, Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp sessions to plan the funeral without having to meet in person.

Funeral planning can take place as normal in their premises, while the team is still able to offer hearses.

In addition to this, Ivor Thomas provides a wide range of coffin options. These include wood effect coffins, solid wood coffins, wicker coffins, American style caskets and more.

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The team states: “We want to assure you that regardless of whatever happens, we will always do our upmost to make sure that you can say your goodbyes in a dignified manner in a way that is still as individual as the person themself.”

While Ivor Thomas Funerals provides low-cost funerals across Cardiff many of their clients come from less affluent areas like Llanedeyrn, Ely, Caerau, Grangetown, and Riverside.

Llanedeyrn Cardiff Wales(Llanedern) is a district in the east of the city, located around 3.5 miles from the city centre. St Philip Evans Catholic Church and All Saints (Church in Wales Diocese of Monmouth) are 2 possible venues for religious ceremonies.

Ely is a district in Cardiff, Wales. It is to the north of Cowbridge Road West. Caerau defines the boundary to the south as does River Ely to the east and in part to the north. Ely is primarily dominated by current and former council housing making affordable funerals more relevant to this community.

Caerau Cardiff, Wales is often considered part of Wenvoe by gully, Heol Trelai is the main road or avenue, lined with large trees. Caerau is around 6 miles from Thornhill Cemetery and Cardiff Crematorium, however this is still a popular option for many.

Grangetown (Trelluest) Cardiff, Wales is one of the largest districts in the south of the city and is bordered by Riverside, Canton and Butetown. Grangetown has at least ten Christian places of worship including Grangetown Baptist Church, St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church and the Salvation Army citadel as well as a Hindu temple, Masjid Abu Bakr mosque and Markaz At-Tawheed Masjid.

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