Get Personal Planning for Low-Cost Funerals With This Cardiff Funeral Director

May 3, 2021

Be satisfied with the style, cost, and meaning of the funeral you plan. Ivor Thomas Funerals will work with clients in Cardiff and surrounding towns and cities to keep funeral costs as low as possible and still meet your requirements.

Get compassionate funeral planning advice from Ivor Thomas Funerals. They will guide you each step of the way to the funeral arrangement that meets your budget and is personalized for your loved one.

Ivor Thomas Funerals, a funeral director based in Cardiff, Wales, offers affordable funeral arrangements that are cost-effective for families and meet pandemic guidelines. Families have several options for both cremation and burial services while controlling funeral costs.

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The affordable funerals offered by Ivor Thomas cater to your needs during the difficult time of grieving. Ivor Thomas Funerals guides you through each step of planning exactly the funeral that will meet the elements, style, and budget you desire.

The current pandemic has been an especially burdensome time for families who have lost loved ones. Ivor Thomas Funerals is up to date on all pandemic related guidelines and will help you stay within those guidelines while still honoring the deceased.

A Direct Cremation or Burial allows Ivor Thomas Funerals to collect and care for the remains shortly after death with no graveside or church service. A Pure Service cremation or burial also includes a crematorium chapel or graveside service at Cardiff Cemetery for family and friends.

A Traditional Cremation or Burial includes a minister and a service at Cathay’s Chapel or the place of worship you choose. Coffin costs are included in all burial arrangements, but not the cost of a gravesite in Cardiff cemetery.

Military Cremations and Burials include all the aspects of the Traditional but also include standard bearers and the last post performed by a bugler. Military members who earned a medal in combat will receive special pricing honoring their sacrifice.

All funeral options can be tailored to your needs, including Social Distancing funerals, making each burial or cremation a bespoke one. Ivor Thomas will carefully guide you through every detail of the planning process and give you the freedom to choose a different funeral director if desired.

Ivor Thomas Funerals was founded by Mark Ivor Thomas who started this venture after seeing how many struggled with the cost of funerals. The goal is to offer you choice, openness, honesty, and fairness. Ivor Thomas Funerals is local and family run, and seeks to give you as much choice and information as possible so you can make informed decisions.

Are you confused by all the funeral options available to you or do you have no idea where to start? Call Ivor Thomas Funerals, 02921 690022, and let them walk you through planning an affordable funeral for your loved one.

Is it time for you to plan a meaningful funeral? Go to and see how Ivor Thomas Funerals can help you.

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