Get London Custom Video Marketing Strategy To Improve Customer Engagement

Apr 16, 2021

Build your brand, drive more engaged customers to your business and achieve your growth goals with London expert video marketing solution by Tenfold Growth Ltd. Call the team at +44-20-3695-9315 to get a free quote

Looking for an expert video marketing agency in London to help increase user engagement? You are in the right place. This company will help you create videos that help you achieve your marketing goals. Call them today to request a free quote.

London-based digital marketing agency Tenfold Growth recently launched an update to its range of exclusive video marketing solutions for local businesses in London and the surrounding areas.

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The leading online marketing agency announced the update as part of its efforts to provide clients with bespoke video marketing solutions that drive brand awareness.

With the average UK consumer estimated to watch 100 minutes of online videos per day and 72% of customers preferring to learn about products and services via video, modern UK businesses can leverage this content format to boost customer engagement, improve brand recall, and influence customers buying decisions.

Depending on your need, Tenfold Growth can produce personalised videos, social media campaign videos, and branded video commercials.

The agency also specialises in producing interactive videos, such as product explainer videos, advanced videos with ‘hot spot’ technology, event coverage and video production, and experiential videos.

Tenfold Growth works closely with you and your team to develop a custom video marketing strategy. The company not only produces video content for you but also create a bespoke distribution plan which ensures the videos can get into the hands of your target audience.

Each video by the team is designed to drive a specific business goal, whether to build brand awareness, encourage email list sign up or drive foot traffic to your business premises. The video marketing experts use a data-backed approach, including researching your business and digging into analytics data to understand customer behaviour and interests.

Besides video marketing, Tenfold Growth offers other services, including Social media and brand visibility marketing, SEO and Google My Business optimisation, Email marketing, Chatbot automation, and others.

This latest update is in line with the agency’s long-term goal of becoming the preferred marketing agency for local businesses in London and the surrounding areas.

A company spokesperson said: “We don’t just make regular video cuts and promotional recordings. Instead, we go further to create a bespoke, data-driven marketing plan that ensures the video we create helps drive your business growth goals.”

Creating compelling videos that drive engagement and sales has never been this easy. Get in touch with the expert video marketers at Tenfold Growth to learn how their latest service update can help you.

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