Get Innovative Septic Tank Oxygen Tablets From This Jericho NY Company

Feb 19, 2021

EcoNow Solutions, an ecological solutions company located in Jericho, New York launched a biodegradable product called Septic Oxy-Tabs designed for septic tank maintenance. The company specializes in developing eco-friendly septic tank and drain care products.

Don’t compromise on your septic tank system maintenance–get in touch with EcoNow Solutions and try their new Septic Oxy-Tabs and discover why its the product your septic system deserves!

EcoNow Solutions, an ecological solutions company based in Jericho, New York announced the launch of Septic Oxy-Tabs, an innovative product designed for septic tank maintenance. The company specializes in developing eco-friendly septic tank and drain care products.

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A backed-up septic tank system can cause sewage to seep through the surface of the ground and cause hazardous waste water and foul smells to come up through your toilets, bathtubs and drains. EcoNow’s newly launched product aims to provide you with an effective, affordable and eco-friendly way of maintaining your septic tank systems.

According to the experts from EcoNow Solutions, a septic tank system has its own way of dissolving waste through the naturally occurring bacteria that breaks it down. When the bacteria level is disturbed, waste can not be broken down efficiently and can cause your septic system to be backed-up.

Septic Oxy-Tabs is a revolutionary new product that utilizes OXY-TAB technology which delivers oxygen, buffers and billions of bacteria and enzymes that breakdown household waste, solids, grease, and toilet paper. The tablets effectively restore the balance of bacteria in your septic tank to keep it operating properly.

Furthermore, Septic Oxy-Tabs are non-hazardous, biodegradable, made of natural and non pathogenic materials. Easy to use, each tablet is designed to be flushed down your toilet and find its way to your septic tank. The time-release effervescent tablet then disperses oxygen and bacteria into the septic tank as it dissolves.

The oxygen released from the tablets encourages bacteria production and helps eliminate hydrogen sulfide which produces bad odors and prevents sulfuric acid from forming which corrodes septic system pipes.

Designed to be used once a month, Oxy-tabs effectively reduce sludge build-up which keeps your septic system running smoothly for a longer period of time.

EcoNow Solutions also manufactures Drain and Pipe Oxy-Tabs which dissolve build-up in pipes, drains and garbage disposals to prevent clogging.

EcoNow Solutions is a trusted name in biodegradable septic tank care products–call them today at +1-800-365-2839 to sample their products.

You can also find out more by clicking on the link above!

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