Get Housetrained Intelligent German Shepherd Puppies With Good Character From This Award-Winning Chicago Illinois Breeder

Oct 9, 2017

A Chicago, Illinois based German Shepherd breeder has achieved outstanding results in the 2017 Midwest Regional Championship. Vom Ragnar German Shepherd is known for its high quality dogs, and has puppies and adult dogs for sale shipped nationwide.

  • get housetrained intelligent german shepherd puppies with good character from th
  • get housetrained intelligent german shepherd puppies with good character from th

Vom Ragnar German Shepherds, the award-winning breeder based in Harvard, Illinois, has achieved outstanding results in the 2017 Midwest Regional Championship Show. It was judged by SV judge Christoph Ludwig, and the Vom Ragnar dogs competed very well in the show, dominating in most classes.

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The results included KALUMA Vom Ragnar, 3-6 months females – VP2, owned by Diane Perez; JAKIDA Vom Ragnar, 3-6 months females – VP3; GABBA Vom Ragnar, 6-9 months – VP5; GONDOR Vom Ragnar, 6-9 months – VP3; CONTRA Vom Ragnar, 9-12 months – VP1; and ABBA VOM Ragnar, working females class – V2 and called out first.

Vom Ragnar is known for its high quality West German Showline, with award-winning German Shepherds located near Chicago, Illinois. It has puppies for sale as well as adult fully trained German Shepherd dogs on a first come, first served basis. For more information about the puppies, watch the competition videos of Vom Ragnar German Shepherd Puppies Championship on youtube.

The Chicago based German Shepherd specialist separates itself from other breeders with its verified, proven high quality results in shows on a regular basis. It can arrange for delivery of dogs all across the United States, so customers everywhere can get in touch if they’re looking for German Shepherds.

Vom Ragnar German Shepherd is owned and operated by Natalya Babenko, and the kennel has several litters each year. A special focus with the breeder is to breed healthy dogs with the best bloodlines in mind, and because of this it strives to breed German Shepherds with good temperament and character.

The German Shepherds bred by Vom Ragnar are not just regular, find anywhere German Shepherd dogs. They are best in class, well trained, and proven to be adaptable, reliable and friendly as well as intelligent.

The dogs are raised at home and are well socialized, helping them to adapt to any environment. The puppies are housebroken before they reach their new homes. Full details can be found on the URL above, where interested parties can get in touch using the contact details provided.

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