Get HEPA Filtration Units That Ensure COVID Safe Air For Schools In Detroit

Mar 3, 2021

Get COVID safe air for schools with 4-layer HEPA filtration units from Safe Air For Schools of Detroit. Visit to order your COVID prevention air filtration units today.

Does your school qualify for a special government grant for air filtration units? If it does, contact School Air Safety dba Safe Air For Schools who will supply and install high-quality HEPA filtration units for you. The unit uses a disposable 4-layer filter to remove viruses, bacterial, and pollutants from the air and protect children and teachers in the classroom and other closed spaces.

The newly launched air filtration unit is designed to provide COVID-safe air for schools by cleaning and circulating air 5 to 7 times an hour, meeting the government standard for ventilation rates in schools. As schools across Michigan are set to resume after pandemic restrictions, School Air Safety estimates that some schools are spending more than $6400 per classroom to keep indoor air clean.

Safe Air For School's air purifiers are Energy Star certified for optimum power consumption and are small enough to be relocated from one classroom to another. The ultra-quiet unit has a noise level of 33 decibels and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

The Detroit air purifier company supplies portable air quality units that circulate air from and to classrooms and common areas. Safe Air For Schools will work with your school administration to source and set up air filtration units on campus. The company can also help you receive government funding for virus air filtration units and train your staff in the setup and operation of the units.

Virus-laden aerosol particles can remain in the air for several hours, and Safe Air For Schools recommends the immediate installation of portable air purifiers that circulate air from and to classrooms. Each unit has a coverage area of about 3,000 square feet.

School Air Safety air filtration and ventilation systems are certified ozone-free by the California Air Resources Board and are ETL-certified for operational safety. The company recommends one filtration unit be placed in each classroom.

Visit and for more information about portable virus air filtration units for Detroit schools.

School Air Safety dba Safe Air For Schools is a specialized supplier of HEPA-certified lightweight and compact air filtration units. The company sources and installs a wide range of air purifiers that filter out airborne pathogens in schools across Michigan.

Visit to order your COVID prevention air filtration units today.

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