Get Handmade Cocktail Dresses From This Women-Owned Slow Fashion Brand In Dubai

Aug 3, 2021

Looking for custom-made slow fashion pieces for parties and events? Visit Nudress today to update your wardrobe with unique cocktail dresses and sets!

Always choose locally-produced, sustainably sourced evening wear for your parties and events - check out the Dubai slow fashion brand Nudress today to find out more about their new luxury cocktail dress collection!

The online womenswear retailer have recently launched their latest range of unique, hand-crafted cocktail dresses. 

You can find out more at 

Their new collection now features dresses comprised of rich textiles, including silk organza, cotton, lace, tulle, and crepe, finished with high-class embellishments. You can browse the newly updated collection of luxury cocktail dresses and sets to find highly structured and appliquéd finishes that offer you timeless elegance, in addition to bohemian, floral, and contemporary styles.

Nudress have taken a feminist-conscious approach to ready-to-wear fashion and have adopted sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing practices to minimize their environmental impact. Their manufacturing methods ensure that they produce minimal waste and consume as little water and energy as possible in order to provide you with slow fashion options in Dubai.

Moreover, their global partners abide by an ethical code of conduct to protect their workers from exploitation. Nudress is managed exclusively by women and all of their items are hand-crafted for you within the UAE. The online retailer are dedicated to innovating the global fashion industry in order to effect positive change.

You can browse their new collection at

Their ready-to-wear collection is available in standard sizes ranging XS to L, although their website provides a customizing portal that allows you to order any of their items to be tailor made to your unique measurements. The local Dubai slow fashion brand, which was established in 2019, offers you couture collections, for which they only produce 10 items of each size, ensuring uniqueness and exclusivity when you purchase their garments.

Alongside their recently expanded range of cocktail dresses and evening wear, they curate apparel suitable for your everyday looks, including wardrobes comprised of casual and formal pieces. Nudress offer you free international shipping, in addition to free alterations for both their made-to-order and custom collections, delivering elegance and bespoke-quality clothing.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Nudress is a brand dedicated to the authentic soul; we welcome you into our family in the hope that you share our love for slowly produced, culturally inspired, and hand-crafted designs.”

Nudress are a luxury, ready-to-wear fashion brand dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices - check out their website today to get 25% to 75% off cocktail dresses!

Visit so you can find out more!

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