Get Free Expert Training to Improve And Automate Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Apr 30, 2021

Looking for the best way to spend your marketing dollars? A free “Geek Out Fridays” training session will help you focus your marketing efforts and improve results!

Do you want to learn how to grow your business through focused, relevant digital marketing and spend less time doing it? A free “Geek Out Fridays” workshop is for you!

“Geek Out Fridays” automated digital marketing training and coaching sessions have launched. These sessions help you find new levels of engagement with customers, increase sales, and know how to improve and automate the entire marketing process.

Training details can be found at

These sessions are offered on a bi-weekly first-come-first-served basis. The goal of this newly launched training is to let you not only automate marketing efforts but also increase customer response to the content.

The Small Business Administration recommends that business owners should be spending 6-8% of revenue on marketing. This should include both brand development – social media, company website, blogs, etc. – and direct promotion. Startups should aim at no more than 5% of projected revenue.

“Geek Out Fridays” will help you target marketing dollars as efficiently as possible. You will learn how to use proven sales processes from marketing leaders to quickly adapt your existing systems.

All platforms and tools are not created equal and many businesses waste marketing dollars operating on and with ineffective ones. In these workshops, the most effective automation and content generation platforms and tools will be introduced.

Simple methods to automate your email content with relevant topics and make small changes to your order forms to increase high-ticket sales will be shared.

You will learn how to get customers involved on social media with brand and product promotion and automate social content.

Tips to implement simple lead generation, click to sales, and micro engagements will be demonstrated. Experts will show how to automate all these items into one process.

The purpose of these workshops is to make the knowledge instantly applicable with less time invested, not more. There is no charge for these sessions, but attendance is limited. Registration is available on the website below.

These newly launched digital marketing coaching sessions are being led by two experts. Damon Nelson has decades of experience and regularly helps others to grow businesses. Wayne Atkinson has used his 32 years of software development experience to develop automation tools.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Register for a “Geek Out Fridays” session today!

Go to to save your seat!

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