Get Free Discount Pharmacy Card To Save 85% On Prescription Medication In 2024

Jan 16, 2024

No more breaking the bank to pay for your medications. Get CareCard’s discount prescription cards to slash up to 85% off your meds at your local pharmacy, whether you have insurance or not.

Prescription medication prices in the US are enough to make your wallet cry, especially if you're uninsured. With CareCard, you can easily save big time on your meds, making them more affordable and accessible.

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Imagine being able to compare prices and find the best deals on your meds at over 60,000 pharmacies across the US.

That's what CareCard does - it brings all the different pharmacy prices into one place, making it easy for you to find the lowest ones available in your local area.

And the best part? The discount prescription medication card does not have restrictions or requirements. The card's benefits cover your entire family.

With it, you even have access to discounted medications for your furry friends.

Prescription Savings For Seniors 

Studies have shown that almost 90% of older adults regularly take at least one prescription medication, and 36% regularly take at least five different prescription medications. This burden is compounded by inconsistent pricing, where a single prescription can vary by over $100 between pharmacies due to looser regulations.

That's why CareCard is here to help alleviate that financial strain.

You can save hundreds of dollars on prescription medication, making it easier for you to afford the meds you need to maintain your health and well-being.

Ease the Strain of Prescription Costs

So how does it work?

You just need to enter the name of your medication and your zip code on the mobile app, and you'll see a list of prices at nearby pharmacies. Choose the best price, show your CareCard prescription discount card to the pharmacist, and you'll save instantly. 

That's not all...

You also get complimentary coupons that you can present to the pharmacist along with the card to further reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

About CareCard

CareCard was founded by David Hannon in 2018, to make healthcare more accessible for everyone. And that's exactly what it does - it makes it easy for you to find the lowest prices on your prescription medications, without any joining fees or obligations.

You can request the card via email, text, or print it directly from the website.

A satisfied user said: "I love CareCard. I have insurance, and I even saved $119 on one prescription. I took the coupon I printed from the CareCard website to CVS, and they filled it out with no problem."

It's high time you ditched the financial stress and got CareCard. Your wallet and your future self (the one with a healthy bank account) will thank you.

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