Get Flexible Cybersecurity & Data Backup Services For Businesses In Alberta, CA

Jan 18, 2022

Is your business prepared and protected against a possible cybersecurity breach? Do you have secure backups of all your essential business data in case of a hack or physical damage? If the answer is no, then get in touch with today!

Get Flexible Cybersecurity & Data Backup Services For Businesses In Alberta, CA

If your business data is important to you, then you know that having the best protection and security available is vital. Despite this need, finding protection that adjusts to your business can be a costly and time-consuming task. That’s where can help.

Based in Alberta, Canada, the cybersecurity experts have announced the launch of their ‘Cyber Security and Disaster Planning/Recovery’ monthly subscriptions, which gives your business access to robust digital security services regardless of size. 

With their latest launch, the Canadian company provides you with affordable monthly plans that can protect your data and ensure that secure backups are created while also being able to scale alongside your business.

Visit for more information.

To make sure their services are affordable and suitable regardless of your business size, provides its subscription packages at a ‘per computer’ rate, allowing them to adjust based on your individual needs.

As the reliance on computer systems continues to grow in almost all areas of business, the risks and dangers of being a victim of cybercrime that could negatively impact your operations also increase. Furthermore, as your business grows, you can often find it challenging to constantly update and improve your IT resources alongside your growth, leading to potential gaps in your security. offers a cost-effective and powerful solution to this issue with their flexible monthly cybersecurity subscriptions.

The monthly subscriptions are all-inclusive, covering all the crucial areas of cybersecurity, including antivirus protection, automated and encrypted online backups, business data assessments, and unlimited access to remote support whenever needed. The service also includes recovery plans for any data loss events, such as fire, theft, user error, or hacks.

Cybersecurity services available from are suitable for businesses in a wide range of industries, with the company having experience working with clients in the residential, commercial, municipalities, farms, acreages, and retail sectors. Additionally, the company’s team has several decades of combined experience, giving them the expertise and insight needed to ensure you are protected.

Based in Beiseker, Alberta, the cybersecurity firm is run by CEO Michael Duffy, who brings together a team of talented engineers and entrepreneurs whose vision was to make sure that practical and affordable IT security solutions were available for businesses of all sizes.  

A spokesperson for the firm said, “At we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future.”

Find affordable cybersecurity solutions to protect your business’s crucial data with monthly subscription packages today!

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