Get Fast Louisville Insurance Payouts With This Property Damage Public Adjuster

Aug 10, 2021

If you need to make an insurance claim, you’ll want the experts at SMG Claims Public Adjusters (859-227-5171) on your side. They fight for property owners like you in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.

Don’t let insurance companies take advantage of you — contact SMG Claims Public Adjusters today.

The company’s latest launch helps clients who’ve faced property damage maximize their insurance claims. While their team can handle all categories of property insurance, they specialize in water and mold damage claims. 

Large property insurance claims are rarely fast processes and can often leave you without a home or business. With the latest announcement, SMG Claims Public Adjusters reduces the stress accompanying an insurance claim and ensures you receive the settlement you deserve.

Go to for more details.

Since 1993, Stephen Mullins, the company’s founder, has fought on behalf of policyholders like you against inequitable insurance companies.

As a banking and insurance industry veteran, Stephen understands how these companies work and leverages this knowledge into his adjusting services. His company now represents policyholders across Kentucky and Georgia. Go to to explore their service locations. 

The SMG Claims Public Adjusters team also understands that living in Kentucky means exposure to storms, floods, and thaws. While water damage is costly in itself, it can beget extensive mold contamination if left untreated. Should you suffer water or mold damage, the company will negotiate on your behalf and strive for the highest settlement. 

To assist you during difficult times, SMG Claims Public Adjusters will help you with each claim stage. For instance, they offer you personal property evaluation services to determine what you’re owed following a damaging event. The company explains that property evaluation is particularly critical and often overlooked by property owners during this stressful period. 

About SMG Claims Public Adjusters 

SMG Claims Public Adjusters has served clients in Kentucky since 2015. During that time, they have developed a robust and result-based reputation.

With the launch, the company continues to protect property owners like you against unfair insurance settlements.

“My team and I are driven to balance the inherent inequities in the insurance claims process,” said Stephen. “We level the playing field by vigorously representing and advocating on your behalf.” 

SMG Claims Public Adjusters are the experts you can trust — call them today at 859-227-5171 for a no-obligation consultation.

It’s time to fight for the settlements you deserve. Visit to discover how the company can help you. 

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