Get Fast, Affordable & Trustworthy Auto Repair Services Near You With This Site

Feb 23, 2021

Are you sick of getting screwed by expensive auto repair shops with bad customer service? Check out this online platform today to find the best providers near you!

Whether you need fast windshield repair or having an issue with your brakes, it’s important to be able to find a reliable auto repair specialist near you.

Auto Fix Buddy has launched a newly updated auto repair and car maintenance directory platform. It provides mechanic shops and car garages with a space to advertise their services, connect with more drivers, and build their brand.

Check out Auto Fix Buddy today to get back on the road faster with added confidence and convenience!

More information can be found at

The newly updated directory provides you with all the details you need to make a more informed decision about your service requirements.

You are able to compare auto repair shops near you based on your location, and quickly find the best provider to suit your needs. You can easily compare who offers what, with hourly rate comparisons.

As part of the new platform update, you will be able to chat with shops, ask questions, call for advice and guidance, and book directly through the online site.

You just have to enter your make of vehicle and location in the search bar provided on the site. From there, you can quickly and easily find the best auto repair shops near you and book an appointment.

Category-based searches are also available. These include the best car repair shops for bodyworks, glass, and interiors, electrical and lights, suspension, brakes, heating, and more.

The founders of Auto Fix Buddy explain that they conducted a lot of research before beginning their venture. They found that there was a huge demand for drivers to have a platform like this in their area.

They created Auto Fix Buddy with the mission of helping customers to find a more affordable solution for their auto repair needs. Auto-Fix Buddy has now established itself as a leader in the vehicle repair space, offering crowdsourced real-time auto repair prices at more than three million shops across the US.

Benefits of using the updated platform include an easy and transparent way to search, and inbuilt functionality to compare and book a garage. It’s also cost-effective, fast, and convenient for drivers.

A spokesperson for the company states: “If you are a garage on Auto Fix Buddy, we understand that business is a jungle, and only the strongest survive. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you crush the competition into a fine powder.”

You can find out more info on the link above!

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