Get Expert Window Installation And Repairs From This American Canyon CA Company

Jan 4, 2021

Looking for a company to install or repair windows? Based in American Canyon, California, Peter Ellis Construction has launched its updated window installation and repairs service. Its highly skilled and experienced staff offer quality customer service and excellent craftsmanship.

Looking for a company to install or repair windows? If you answered ‘yes’, then this contractor is for you!

Peter Ellis Construction has launched its updated window installation and repairs service in American Canyon, California. The company offers affordable prices and quality craftsmanship.

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The newly launched updated residential service helps to not only increase the beauty and curb appeal of your home but also its value. Peter Ellis Construction’s highly skilled and experienced staff can install a variety of window types in your home. Its knowledgeable staff can present a variety of window options and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each window type.

Leaking windows are a major problem and require a high amount of maintenance time. Water leaks can also damage a property and reduce your home’s value. Additionally, slippery floors caused by leaking windows poses a safety threat.

It is recommended to replace wood frames on older windows at least every five years. If wood frames are not replaced, then rot and mold will occur. Installing new windows with Peter Ellis Construction reduces the maintenance requirements for older windows. New vinyl and aluminum windows are recommended since they do not involve much maintenance.

Another reason to replace old windows and install new ones is for better insulation in your home. Modern technology has improved significantly over the years and new windows have been designed and developed with better insulation. Cavities between new windowpanes are often filled with argon gas, which insulates them and eliminates drafts. Improved insulation means better energy efficiency in your home and will result in a lower energy bill.

Newly installed windows also attenuate sound much better than old windows. Blocking sound out of a house is especially important if your house is built near a road or in a noisy environment. With new windows that block out noise better, you can sleep better or concentrate better if you are working from home.

Beyond windows, Peter Ellis Construction also specializes in electrical plumbing, carpentry, and painting services. In addition to American Canyon, the company also serves Sonoma, Petaluma, Napa, Healdsburg, San Rafael, Fairfield, Concord, and Santa Rosa.

You can get more information about Peter Ellis Construction by visiting the website listed above or by calling 510-375-8584.

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