Get Expert Insights Into Multiculturalism From This Newly Published Academic Text

Nov 2, 2020

Looking to have a better understanding of the role multiculturalism and diversity play in the area of applied behavior analysis? Check out this new text by Brian Conners and other notable scholars!

If your field of study is applied behavior analysis then this recently published text on multiculturalism and diversity can help you advance your knowledge. It contains info on cultural complexities, standards for culturally sensitive practices, culturalism among African Americans, among other key topics.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst Brian Conners, Ph.D., BCBA has announced the launch of the first book ever to be published on multiculturalism and diversity in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). The text, entitled “Multiculturalism and Diversity in Applied Behavior Analysis: Bridging Theory and Application”, was penned with contributions from national experts, practicing clinicians, researchers, and academics, with Brian being the main editor.

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The recently launched academic text was written to provide a theoretical and clinical framework for addressing multiculturalism and diversity. It also aims at guiding you through theoretical foundations to clinical applications to help you grasp the role diversity plays in the ABA service delivery model.

Each chapter in the text contains learning objectives, literature reviews, practice considerations, case studies, and discussion questions. The book also comes with online test materials for you to assess the knowledge you would’ve garnered about various diversity topics.

The first chapter was compiled by Brian and is titled “An Introduction to Multiculturalism and Diversity Issues in the Field of Applied Behavior Analysis”. It serves as an overview of the featured topic and reviews terminology on cultural issues.

While Chapter Two deals with Addressing Cultural Complexities, Chapters Three and Four comprise details on Standards for Culturally Sensitive Practice of ABA and ABA Within The African American Community, respectively. The text contains a total of 16 chapters.

A New Jersey Department of Education certified school psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Brian has over 10 years of experience in the field of applied behavior analysis. Aside from contributing to the penmanship of the new academic text, he originally developed the graduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis at Seton Hall University.

Brian specializes in delivering public speaking presentations on various topics in ABA, special education, and school psychology for organizations, schools, agencies, hospitals, among others. Based in New Jersey, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst also has experience providing keynote presentations for state and national conference venues.

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Brian has delivered over 100 presentations to date, taught over 20 university courses, and traveled to over 15 states. During his workshop stints, he has managed to reach more than 25,000 professionals.

The author’s mission is to provide professionals like you with the tools necessary to design high-quality ABA services to help shape the lives of individuals in your care. Hence his contribution to the text in question.

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